On Thursday morning 20 August 2020, three armed terrorists attacked the de Bruin family at Mooiplaats in Boschkop, east of Pretoria. Werner de Bruin (33) heard noises from the front door where the attackers were trying to gain access to the house. He shouted at the attackers to leave, but they replied by shooting him point-blank through the glass door. Before dying Werner was able to crawl to a security door and lock it, preventing the attackers from getting to the rest of his family. Werner de Bruin saved Three Lives before dying.

If he had not done so, more people could have been killed, says Richard Freeman, son of werner De Bruin’s partner, Charlotte Freeman (46).

Charlotte Freeman (46) had two children with her in the house during the incident. Two children who will never know the man – that in his dying moments had only one thought – They WILL NOT KILL the children.

Two children saved by a dying father.
Two children saved by a dying father. SOURCE: Facebook

“If they were prepared to shoot Werner dead, nothing would stop them from killing my mother and the two young children,” says Richard.

Werner and Charlotte are employees of Dr. Ockert Botha, a veterinarian in the area and owner of Vetsbrands a pet food and veterinary medicine company. Werner and Charlotte had been living in a separate house on the smallholding of Doctor Botha for about four years.

The two-bedroom house is close to a dirt road in Mooiplaats in the Boschkop area. SOURCE: Network 24 – Deaan Vivier

Doctor Botha says Charlotte called him around 1 am in the morning. “Our dogs barked a lot and the alarm went off.

Shortly afterward, she called and said: “Come immediately, Werner was shot.”

“A policeman from the Boschkop police station lives on the smallholding next door. She called him first and he rushed there. “Botha immediately called the Echo-1 security company and Netcare 911 emergency services.”

“The emergency services arrived very quickly, but he died before they arrived,” said Doctor Botha. Botha is full of praise for the Echo-1 security company, Netcare 911, and the police for their good work.

Richard Freeman says Werner was able to close the security door and that is what saved them (Charlotte and the two children)’s lives. “If he did not get it, they would have had full access to the house. The attackers were armed and it could have gone even uglier.

The police vehicle’s blue lights and siren probably scared them off and they fled with two cellphones that they could somehow get their hands on through the gate. Charlotte and the children were unharmed.

Werner and Charlotte enjoyed the outdoors and nature

Another Christian Family’s lives destroyed.

Werner’s funeral service will be on 27 August in the NG church Oosterlig in Pretoria.

A friend on social media posted:

Rest in Peace Werner De Bruin. We are forever indebted to you and thankful. You are a true Hero. Farewell, my friend.

Arrests made for the Attack on the De Bruin Family

Mavela Masondo, a police spokesperson, confirmed the incident in a statement and said no one had been arrested yet.

Werner De Bruin join thousands of victims in South Africa

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