Sadly the ignorance of the Australian government has now been exposed. On 2 August 2020, one of our readers wrote a letter to Honourable Scott Morrison leader of the governing Liberal Party of Australia, in which our reader described the plight and desperation of minorities and especially the farmers in South Africa.

Hate crime, systemic racism, and legalized discrimination apparently left little impression on the office of the Prime Minister.

Dismissing any need to reply, Scott Morrison’s office casually referred the matter to Marise Payne, Minister for Foreign Affairs.

To their credit, our reader eventually did receive a nonchalant reply from the Assistant Secretary – Chantell Taylor.

A photograph of the letter received from the Australian Government can be seen below.
Some information was redacted to protect our reader.

Australian government’s ignorance exposed. Hate crime, systemic racism, and legalized discrimination is democratic and civil.

What one would hope for:

Notice how the subject of systematic genocide would not move Scott Morrison to reply

Notice Scott Morrison’s outrage at the torture and mutilation of human beings

Notice Scott Morrison’s empathy for the families who were victims of hate crime

Notice the outrage at the practice of suffocating the elderly with plastic bags

Notice the shock and horror at the brutal murders of the disabled and vulnerable

Notice the Minister of Women, Marise Payne’s outrage at femicide

Notice Marise Payne’s heartfelt sympathy for the thousands of raped women

Notice Marise Payne’s outcry against children being drowned in hot water

Notice the humanity and compassion for triple and double murders

Notice the objections against hate speech and the incitement of genocide

Notice the Australian Government willingness to join other countries and intervene

Notice the honesty…the sincerity..the humanity – READ MORE

Don’t see it? Neither do we.

What we actually see:

Ignorance and indifference

Silence on femicide and rape

Silence on killing the disabled

Silence on the murdering of children

Silence on the asphyxiation of the elderly

Silence on torture and human rights abuse

We see complicity:

Complicity to systematic genocide

Complicity in the oppression of a minorities’ culture and language

Tacit approval of Land Expropriation without compensation

Blind trust in reports from one of the most corrupt governments on planet earth – READ MORE

Dare we ask:

Is this your government Australia?

Do you also stand there with arms folded – observing one atrocity after the next – in silence?

Do you also like your government consider the crimes listed above – as civil and democratic?

Does this really reflect who you are – the humanity, the character and the moral fibre of The Australian?

Is this you Australia?

Dare we ask?

Click here to visit the memorial for the thousands of victims of hate crime in South Africa.

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