On Saturday 29 August 2020, bikers from across South Africa geared up with flags, flowers, and white crosses and drove to the Union Buildings in Pretoria – with one mission and common cause Bikers against Farm Murders. Embarrassingly mainstream media in South Africa either suffered a suspicious black-out during the momentous event or tried to put their own spin on the event. Very similar behavior to what we see from the President of South Africa – Cyril Ramaphosa.

Dare one ask – how long will the world continue to join the ANC government’s lies about the plight of minorities in South Africa?

The Lying President – Cyril Ramaphosa had 15 000 White Crosses delivered on his Front Lawn

We take a look at the day’s protests through the eyes of independent media and political commentator COL (Ret) William M. (Chris) Wyatt, CEO at The Indaba Africa Group, and previously Director of African Studies at the United States Army War College. Colonel Chris Wyatt is an expert on Africa having lived, studied, and worked in many countries in Africa, during which he acquired extensive knowledge of African politics.

The American perspective – Indaba Africa on Bikers Against Farm Murders

Colonel (Ret) Chris Wyatt also highlights the plight of the Khoisan a story we have reported on before.

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