Following the massive show of support against farm murders last Saturday, one initiative seeks to find meaningful ways for bikers to sustain their involvement in rural security. A new group, the Farmer Alliance, grew within the past week to over 840 volunteers and will enter into discussions to find innovative ways for the motorcycle community to contribute towards the safety of farms in South Africa.

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South African bikers to aid in rural security

While this is no small undertaking the group is ambitious and confident that closer bonds and stronger relationships with the farming community, can lead to economic opportunities as well as greater awareness and support for the safety and security of farmers.

Cooperation will be sought with bike clubs, agricultural unions, private security contractors, and civil defense organizations that can transfer skills and resources between the role players. Envisioned as a volunteer organization, members bring a wealth of skillsets that can potentially assist vulnerable farmers in a number of ways. Ideas range from cooperative funding, assistance with mechanical repairs, logistical support such as vehicle escorting, IT and communication infrastructure, ground and aerial reconnaissance with drones to help locate animals and curb stock theft, security equipment and countermeasures, and even social and welfare support for farmers is envisaged.

The potential of an extra 10 000 plus volunteer workforce could make a substantial difference to food security in South Africa.

One idea for example requires very little effort from the motorcycle community other than better communication and planning. By encouraging bikers to take trips and book accommodation at farmers with guest houses or camping grounds, that have been hard hit by the COVID 19 lockdown. The focused spending can be used to upgrade security, improve guest amenities, and assist battling farmers to recover from the tourism recession, while volunteers can earn a commission securing bookings for the farmers. Click here to volunteer promoting a farmer.

Other ideas include bike rallies that will raise funds for the battling farming community of South Africa. Click here to suggest a fundraising Rally in your area.


Interested parties are invited to join the discussion.

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