South African police complicit in terrorism.

In November 2019 concerned citizens from the Normandien area, about 34 kilometers from Newcastle in KwaZulu-Natal met with police to help them open a case of intimidation. The police refused to assist or to investigate the pleas for help from the farmers. Fast forward a year and many more farmers would be dead – brutally murdered.

According to statistics released by the Rome Research Institute of South Africa, there were 52 farm attacks in August 2020 alone. Of the 10 deaths recorded during this period, four were in KwaZulu-Natal. In the same month, four women were raped, including a mother and her and two daughters, aged 15 and 11.

Ex-policeman Anthony David Hall suggests politicians and the South African Minister of the Police Bheki Cele, who announced that farm murders are not considered a priority crime, has to answer for these atrocities.

Anthony regularly reports on the atrocities in South Africa on Facebook – watch.

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Captured on video the police can be seen arguing with farmers in late 2019. No arrests were made, no investigations by South African police. Soon many innocent people would be dead – horribly killed and in many cases tortures or raped. READ MORE warning graphic images.

The Dark Side of Policing in South Africa

Police Minister Bheki Cele sitting next to Julius Malema at the trial of two terrorists arrested for the murder of Brendin Horner.

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Bheki Cele and Julius Malema – 17 October 2020 – Senekal

But is it really terrorism?

We will let one Israeli security specialist Idan Abolnik explain. Idan have been working to help train and protect farmers In South Africa for the past five years.

One such incident of a farm attack is that of the Rafferty double murder. On 29 August 2020, at 22:00 the well known and much-loved farmer Glen Rafferty (63) and his wife Vida (60) were murdered on their farm in Normandien. The couple was attacked when they arrived home from visiting friends in Newcastle. An unknown number of terrorists gained entry to their home via the back door and patiently waited inside the house to ambush and murder the innocent couple.

After murdering Glen and Vida, the attackers ransacked the home and fled the scene in the couple’s vehicle which was later found abandoned near Ladysmith. Their bullet-riddled bodies along with one of their dogs also killed were found near the front entrance of their home.

Glen Rafferty (63) and his wife Vida (60) died because of police complicity in terrorism

Their deaths ramped up calls from community leaders, rights groups and politicians who roundly condemned the country’s latest farm killings, with some calling for more prioritized police focus.


The Democratic Alliance has urged government to take rural and farm safety more seriously following the double murder.

“The DA in KwaZulu-Natal is dismayed and horrified by reports of a double murder on a farm murder near Normandien in the Battlefields area of the province”, KwaZulu-Natal DA MPL and spokesperson on agriculture Chris Pappas said in a statement.

On Saturday, a convoy of hundreds of “concerned Newcastle citizens” went on a round-trip which looped through the city center and around the Rafferty’s farm to pay respect to the couple and raise awareness about farm killings.

Two kilometres of white crosses had been erected along the road in honour of the thousands murdered.

This Two Kilometer White Cross Road in the KwaZulu Natal Province now joins the White Cross Memorial as evidence of systematic genocide. – View the White Cross Monument in Mpumalanga Province.

Ironically, hours before the Rafferty couple were murdered, an estimated 40 000 bikers around the country called for an end to the carnage on farms in a protest drive to the Union Buildings in Pretoria – where they were refused entry to deliver a memorandum to the President – Cyril Ramphosa. Watch Video of Biker Protest

The brutal killing of the Rafferty family did bring about one extraordinary event. The national broadcaster SABC for the first time sent a reporter to the area of a farm killing. For over 26 years mainstream media in South Africa have kept silent on the Systematic Genocide, even threatening employees who dare speak out about the atrocities.

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A rare event – the SABC reporting on Farm Murders.

Land grabbing under supervision by the South African Police

Sadly, South Africans have become all too accustomed to the ANC-led government paying lip service when it comes to crime and terrorist attacks. Rural safety and land grabbing have reached serious levels with communities increasingly being forced to take things into their own hands.

In the weeks following the COVID 19 lockdown incidents of illegal occupation of land have been on the increase. In some cases, the South African police would actually supervise the land grabbing ensuring farmers can not intervene or protect their property.

In the video below farmers can be seen watching helplessly as their animals are removed and the land occupied, while the terrorists are being protected by the South African police.

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Police Involvement in Armed Robberies

Videos of police officers in South Africa involved in robberies have become commonly available on the Internet. The video below is of robbers arrested after a truck loaded with new tyres were highjacked and robbed on 30 September 2020. One of the suspects arrested is searched and it is discovered that he is an officer from the OR Tambo Airport SAPS and identified as J.N. Masilela.

Whistle Blower Report

One such video where a whistleblower has named names and exposed criminals and SAPD officers and municipal officials who are involved in a reign of terror in Mpumalanga province. He thanks Gauteng SAPD for killing three high profile Mpumalanga gangsters recently, who he also names.

In the second part of this expose video he covers corruption in Lydenburg SAPS and Thaba Chweu Local Municipality. He also claimed SABC in Mpumalanga is captured.

He says they are sick and tired of being ruled by criminals and thugs who are above the law in Mpumalanga province and he demands that 90% of Station Commanders must be removed.

He also claims that Mpumalanga has had 40% of cash heists, but not a single person has been arrested!

Arrests made for the Rafferty Double Murder

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Glen and Vida Rafferty join thousands of hate crime victims in South Africa – view Memorial.

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