On Tuesday afternoon 8 September 2020, three terrorists attacked the home of the Zeelie family in Impala Street, Wedela Carletonville. Within minutes they had overpowered the occupants tied their hands and feet and Ernest Zeelie (63) was drowned in a bath of water.

Ernest Zeelie who had lost his wife Annelize not long ago worked as a shaft-foreman at the Driefontein mine for most of his life. Ernest liked fishing and he and Annelize were devout Christians.

Ernest Zeelie tied up and drowned in his own bath
Ernest Zeelie and his wife Annelize at a church meeting before she passed away SOURCE: Facebook

Ernest’s daughter Anzel Venter said her father was a very caring person, always concerned about others and never expecting anything in return.

This gruesome and torturous attack is a stark reminder that despite the recent focus on farm murders, the frequency of urban attacks is nearly five times that of rural areas. No one in South Africa is safe from hate crime no matter where you live in the country.

The Freedom Front Plus, a political party requested the police in Carletonville to do everything in their power to catch the killers of the ex-miner. The party became concerned about a month ago and visited the station commander of Carletonville, Brigadier Miranda Theron, and requested that the police patrol areas where attacks and crime were on the increase. The task of the South African police is made more difficult due to the lack of patrol vehicles, equipment, and inadequate training.

Many residents cannot afford the protection of private security companies and rely solely on the police.


Arrests made for the Murder

No arrests have been made.

No further information is available at this time.

Ernest Zeelie joins thousands of victims in South Africa

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