Jakkie Grobler (80) becomes the third femicide and lady to be murdered within two weeks in Polokwane in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. Less than a week after the funeral of the double murder victims Hettie Deacon and her daughter Lizette Deacon. Jakkie’s mutilated body was found in her home in the Koraal retirement village. She had suffered deep open wounds caused by a blunt object around 11:00 on Monday 21 September 2020.

In what has become standard practice in South Africa the police described the femicide as a house robbery gone wrong. Jakkie’s cellphone and laptop are missing from the house. Surely a frail 80-year-old lady posed no threat to her attackers? Surely she would have gladly offered the electronics goods in exchange for her life?

Ex-policeman Anthony David Hall suggests politicians and the South African Minister of the Police Bheki Cele, who only yesterday announced that farm murders are not considered a priority crime, has to answer for these atrocities.

Anthony regularly reports on the atrocities in South Africa on Facebook – watch.

According to police at the murder scene of the retirement complex, the suspects entered the house and found Grobler, who stayed alone and severely assaulted her. She had been living in the complex for almost 15 years.

A suspect identified as Legonya Thamsadu was arrested on Wednesday afternoon 18 November 2020.

Legonya Thamsadu
Jakkie Grobler
Jakkie Grobler

Jakkie Grobler was killed only two days after her 80th birthday, on Friday 18 September. Allegedly she was also raped.

“Grandma was supposed to WhatsApp a lot and call a lot more. We weren’t ready to say goodbye, not like that and not so fast,” says Lezane Mclellan, a granddaughter of Grobler.

She was killed on Sunday night after Frans du Randt (70), her longtime friend, dropped her off at her house before he went to his house in the same resort.

They visited family in Hoedspruit for the weekend where Grobler’s 80th birthday was celebrated. They ate cake together over the weekend and talked about the wildflowers in the Cape that her grandmother recently went to view.

To go and view the flowers was her only birthday wish.

She loved hiking, and nature and was in charge of the Coral’s communal gardens for some time.


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