While we did not actually pose the question to Elon Musk, the fourth richest man on earth, we are damn sure we know his answer. The African American’s lack of interest in his country of birth seems obvious. Five times more dangerous than Afghanistan, South Africa has become a despicable, hostile environment unfit for investment and human habitation. Simply put you have an infinitely better chance to survive on Mars.

Besides corruption that has become ubiquitous at all levels of government, failing state entities, and more recently corruption, extortion, and racketeering infecting the private sector with impunity, the existential threat to ordinary families has now reached unbearable levels of magnitude.

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A glimpse at this month’s hate crimes tells the story of a country at war with itself. Rape, torture, and murder have become as mundane as having your morning cereal.

A glimpse at the latest tweets on Twitter over breakfast in South Africa

At the tail-end of August, we saw the horrific murders of Dan, Breggie, and Elzabie Brand in Hartswater.
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The double murder of Glen and Vida Rafferty in Normandien
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The murder of Hilton Dowdall in Summerveld, KZN and hours later the double murder of Diniz Fernandus da Silva (74) and his wife Maria (71) who were tied up and murdered in their shop in Christiana.

August ended with the horrific killing of the disabled teenager Natheniël Julies at the hands of police officers.

1 September 2020 – A worker beat David Leslie (81) over the head with a traditional weapon in his farmhouse at Harrismith and broke his nose and cheekbone. Mr. Leslie was seriously injured and was admitted to the hospital in an unconscious state.

1 September 2020 – Johan Kriek (53) was stabbed to death by two attackers during a home invasion attack in his home in Westville, Durban.

1 September 2020 – Piet Brand and his wife Terien were violently attacked and robbed in their house in Vanderbijlpark. Mr. Brand was hit over the head with a firearm.

2 September 2020 – Zede and Hanri Smit as well as Hanri’s father and brother were all violently assaulted by a large group of attackers who approached the farmhouse on the farm Nooitgedacht in Zeerust in military attack formation in broad daylight.

2 September 2020 – A Farm attack occurred in Bethal where three men broke down the door of the house and an unidentified man was shot in the chest. The attackers then fled and then hijacked a vehicle in the area.

3 September 2020 – An 89-year-old grandmother was attacked in her house in Hertzogville when she arrived home, dragged to her room, and gang-raped. She lost consciousness during the attack and only regained consciousness the next morning after which she phoned her daughter for help.

5 September 2020 – The body of Andries “Pote” Venter (56) was found in a ditch near Thabong, Welkom. He was hijacked and abducted outside the house of a worker in Thabong the previous morning when he was waiting for the worker to come out of the house. Venter was the farm foreman on a farm in the Welkom area.

8 September 2020 – A man from Carletonville, Ernest Zeelie (63), became another victim on Tuesday afternoon when he was drowned in his bath by 3 black male home invaders. The attackers also tied up Zeelie’s wife.
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9 September 2020 – Mr. Sarel Wessels rushed back to his farm in Kroonstad when he was phoned by his workers to say an unknown attacker stabbed a female farmworker in the neck. Mr. Wessels saw the suspect on the tar road to Welkom and told the man to drop his knife but was attacked by the apparently drug-crazed attacker with a panga (machete). Mr. Wessels was stabbed in his forearm, side, and elbow and had to flee for his life and lock himself in the cabin of his bakkie. The attacker was arrested when Police arrived but Mr. Wessels was refused treatment by the hospital in Kroonstad because personnel was afraid of COVID-19.

10 September 2020 – The bodies of a well-known businesswoman and her mother from Polokwane were found after they had been abducted on Thursday. Lizette Deacon, who was in her fifties, and her mother Hettie, who was in her seventies, were attacked in their house in Eduan Park and abducted. Their bodies were found in their car outside the town, near Kuschke. They were tied up and murdered. READ MORE: Polokwane mother and daughter murdered

10 September 2020 – Mike Reed of De Kock str, Napier just went to town quickly on Thursday. When he returned home around 12h00, he found his wife, Rosalie Reed (73), murdered in the house. She was lying in a pool of blood in the kitchen.
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12 September 2020 – Peter Honeyborne was attacked by three black men who he found on his farmyard. He was beaten against the head and his finger almost bitten off. Peter tried to avoid confrontation and therefore made a video of the incident to protect himself. In the video, one black male lifts his fists, and Peter is threatened that he will be murdered like his father was murdered. Peter’s father, Pieter (55), was murdered on the farm on 1 May 2009.

15 September 2020 – Betsy (79) and Thys Gordon (81) were attacked in their home at the Wilgeboomhoewes, Potchefstroom. Betsy Gordon was dragged and kicked by the attacker and Thys was thrown to the ground. The attacker stole a gun from the safe.

17 September 2020 – Natalie and Jean-Pierre van Copenhagen’s 3-year-old baby daughter, Lexi, was nearly snatched from the back seat of their car at a traffic intersection in Germiston. Natalie had to grab the girl by the legs to prevent the man from running away with Lexi.

17 September 2020 – Peter Treichel (78) was attacked in his home in a security complex in Menlyn Maine, Pretoria by two attackers who immediately hit him over the head with a crystal glass bowl. Glass was later found in his head during treatment. In an attack that lasted 2 hours, Mr. Treichel was also beaten, kicked, stabbed with a knife, tortured with boiling water, and thrown down a staircase. The attackers left with various items including the safe, cash, and Mr. Treichel’s wedding ring.

18 September 2020 – Top Police Officer Lt Col Charl Kinnear is assassinated while waiting for his son in his car outside his home in Bishop Lavis on Friday.

19 September 2020 – Farm attack – Fynbosch Estate, Paardeberg road, Malmesbury – Four attackers overpowered a farmer (70), and his wife (68), assaulted them, and tied them up with cable ties. They then ransacked the home and traumatized the couple for four hours.

20 September 2020 – The body of Jakkie Grobler (80), a lady who stayed alone in a retirement safety village called Koraal in Polokwane was found in her house with deep head wounds. She was last seen alive on Sunday 20 September 2020. It has been established she was beaten to death with a traditional weapon. READ MORE: Hacked to death third femicide in Polokwane

22 September 2020 – Hannes (72) and Rina Loots (73) were both seriously injured when they were attacked in their house in Sasolburg by a worker hiding in their yard as they returned from the shops. Hannes was repeatedly kicked in the face and body and Rina was stabbed with a fork. Both had to be hospitalized after the attack. The attacker also stole a bag with R 70 000 in cash.

22 September 2020 – A former farmer, Mr. Sias Willemse (74), was found murdered in his home in Albertus street, Bailliepark, Potchefstroom. He was found with two bullet wounds in his neck and several ties around his neck.

23 September 2020 – Kallie (87) and Mercia Kruger (82) were attacked in their farmhouse in the Bethulie district. Kallie was beaten so badly that both his eyes were completely swollen and Mercia was beaten with an iron bar in the stomach. Both were tied up with wire. They were attacked by two men who apparently knew that Kallie had withdrawn wages from the bank on that day.

24 September 2020 – An elderly woman is lying in hospital with a cracked skull after she was attacked in her home in Leyds Street, Rustenburg. A laptop and cellphone were stolen.

26 September 2020 – Four attackers invaded the farmhouse at Mikpunt farm, Klipheuwel, near Cape Town and shot three residents namely David de Bruin, his wife Madeleine, and David’s friend Jakobus Oberholser. David was shot in the arm and stomach. Madeleine was shot in the stomach and Jakobus was shot in the chest. The attackers stole a 9mm from the house. They were unsuccessful in trying to open the safe. All three victims were taken to the hospital by ambulance in a critical condition.

27 September 2020 – In Spitskop, Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng province six attackers overpowered a 64-year-old man in his workshop. His wife (53) heard a commotion and went to investigate. She too was overpowered, assaulted, and tied up. The couple was then horrifically tortured by the attackers. The man’s leg was cut with an angle grinder and the woman’s nose was pinched and twisted with a workshop handtool. The couple sustained terrible and life-threatening injuries. The man sustained skull and facial fractures and was taken to a Johannesburg hospital by helicopter.

29 September 2020 – Three attackers targeted a smallholding in Gerhardsville, near Centurion, Pretoria. In a cunning and well-planned operation, the terrorists cut the electric fence, triggering the alarm, and waited to ambush the resident. Responding to the alarm, Stan Jackson in his late forties was shot in the leg and pelvis. READ MORE Relentless terrorism in South Africa claim the life of Stan Jackson

30 September 2020 – Farm murder on a smallholding in Sundra, near Delmas, in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa. Two attackers overpowered a mom, in her late sixties and daughter (44). The mother was assaulted with a blunt object, the daughter was attacked in the garage and strangled to death. The attackers ransacked the home and then fled the scene with a laptop phone and the family’s vehicle. During a pursuit the attackers rolled the vehicle along the R50 Delmas road, one fled into the bush the other was treated on the scene and hospitalized for his injuries. READ MORE Two ladies attacked daughter strangled to death

01 October 2020 – Another horrific crime in South Africa as a young farmer Brendin Horner was murdered then tied to a steel post with a rope around his neck. READ MORE Young farmer murdered then tied to steel post with a rope around his neck

[Disclaimer: as a small publisher relying on volunteers – the list above is non exhaustive of the Crimes against Humanity in South Africa – we report as much as we can and advise readers to do their own diligence]

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