Two ladies attacked daughter strangled. In what is now nearly a daily event in South Africa, another senseless attack on a farm took place. This time in the small town of Sundra, near Delmas, in the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa. On Wednesday 30 September 2020, just before 1 pm attackers overpowered Grieta Spiers (65), and her daughter Chantel Kershaw (44). First hitting the elderly lady over the head, they then set to task to brutally strangle her daughter. Chantel’s body was found in the garage of their home on a smallholding.

The home of Grieta Spiers, where her daughter Chantel was brutally strangled to death
The home of Grieta Spiers, where her daughter Chantel was brutally strangled to death Source: Facebook

Chantel joins the ladies Breggie, Elzabie, Vida, Maria, Lisette, Hettie, Rosalie and Jakkie. victims of femicide in South Africa in the past month.

South Africa is at war. A war against women, a war against children, and a war against farmers. A slow and deadly civil war where anyone can be the next victim. No security service, electric fencing, alarm system or security gates offer immunity against the endless terrorism and barbarism. All the while the world watches in complete silence and the corrupt ANC government looks the other way.

More than anything else South Africa is in a desperate war to get the truth out to the rest of the world.

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The attackers used a trusted worker as an informant to plan the attack in which they ransacked the home and attacked the ladies. They then fled the scene with a laptop, phone, and the family’s vehicle.

Aunty Grieta's vehicle
Aunty Grieta’s vehicle in which the attacker tried to escape. Source: Facebook

During a pursuit, the attackers rolled the vehicle along the R50 Delmas road and then fled into the bush. Both attackers were caught and arrested at the accident scene. One of the attackers’ was treated on the scene and hospitalized for his injuries. The worker was also arrested after police discovered the phone number of one of the attackers on his cellphone.

Murderer arrested of Aunty Grieta's daughter
Suspect arrested for the murder of Chantel Kershaw SOURCE Facebook

“What a sad day today. Grieta called us on the radio to report the attack. The Neighborhood Watch responded quickly but When we arrived on the scene she was full of blood and her daughter was killed” said Derek Bester a first responder.

Corruption Watch’s recent report that Gauteng was most corrupt and KZN second most corrupt, seems to be debunked by whistleblowers. Mpumalanga Province leaders and authorities appear to have followed ex Free-state Premier Ace Magashule’s playbook and turned the province into a gangster state as well, where citizens live in fear.

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Nothing to see here – says the Lying President

President Cyril Ramaphosa

SA-News received a video where a whistleblower has named names and exposed criminals and SAPD officers and municipal officials who are involved in a reign of terror in Mpumalanga province. He thanks Gauteng SAPD for killing three high profile Mpumalanga gangsters recently, who he also names.

In the second part of this expose video he covers corruption in Lydenburg SAPS and Thaba Chweu Local Municipality. He also claimed SABC in Mpumalanga is captured.

He says they are sick and tired of being ruled by criminals and thugs who are above the law in Mpumalanga province and he demands that 90% of Station Commanders must be removed.

He also claims that Mpumalanga has had 40% of cash heists, but not a single person has been arrested!

This makes a mockery of Corruption Watch’s recent report that KwaZulu-Natal was the second most corrupt province during the first half of 2020, according to their 2020 Analysis of Corruption Trends (ACT) Report released on Tuesday. One has to ask if they rely on a corrupt system to provide the figures and facts about corruption?

The report demonstrated growing concern about corruption levels in South Africa, and reflected a spike in whistle-blower reports during Covid-19, with 1,995 complaints recorded over six months. KZN was second to Gauteng with 13% of corruption reports. The majority of these, at 5.8 %, came from the eThekwini Municipality.

Whistle-blower reports from KZN increased from 11% recorded over the same period last year. This year 44% of reports came from Gauteng, with the Western Cape in third place with 10%.

Corruption Watch’s Melusi Ncala, the report’s primary researcher, said this snapshot showed that corruption had manifested in every sphere of government, with the complicity of the private sector, representing silent but deadly destruction that affects the poorest people who are being brutalized.

Source: SA News


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