The relentless terrorism inflicted on ordinary families is on a sharp increase in South Africa, leaving civilians living in fear and living in terror of these devastating attacks. The latest victim is that of Stan Jackson murdered by terrorists.

On 29 August 2020, at around 9 pm, three attackers targeted a smallholding in Gerhardsville, near Centurion, Pretoria. In a cunning and well-planned operation, the terrorists cut the electric fence, triggering the alarm, and waited to ambush the resident. Responding to the alarm, Stan Jackson in his late forties, unfortunately, left the safety of his house and found the attackers on his property.

The attackers immediately opened fire hitting Stan in the leg and pelvis and then fled the scene.

Shortly after the attack, Stan was evacuated to a local hospital by a Netcare911 helicopter. Sadly after a brave struggle Stan Jackson, passed away on Thursday 1 October 2020 as a result of injuries sustained from the shooting.

Smallholdings in South Africa have become easy picking for terrorist groups.

Llewellyn Hemmens, AfriForum’s safety coordinator for Gauteng, says it appears that the attackers would enter the smallholdings and then target the workers first. “The men would tie up the workers, beat them, and intimidate them in order to get the owners to leave the safety of their homes. They would do anything to get the owners’ attention.”

One case is that of Elendsfontein where at least six smallholdings were attacked on Wednesday 30 September 2020. A security company in the area reported that they were approached by several smallholding owners for help during the night.

“We are not sure how many men were involved in the attacks, but we suspect they were more than six. We also suspect that the group split into smaller units Targeting various smallholdings SIMULTANEOUSLY”

Relentless terrorism in South Africa – SOURCE Facebook

The group of men systematically moved on foot through the smallholdings and went on a rampage. The men moved from the Welgegund area to the Skurweberg area in the direction of Atteridgeville. They then also struck in the Malvick area.

“We chased them from one area to the next as requests for help were received from residents” says Arthur Crewe from SRU Security.

“They were one step ahead of us every time.”

Crewe says the men would also order the workers to call their owners with a fabricated problem in order to lure them outside. He says the men also robbed the workers. “The men became violent on the various smallholdings by damaging the owners’ and workers’ homes or by shooting at the windows and doors.”

Relentless Terrorism in South Africa
Relentless Terrorism in South Africa

Arthur Crewe says the owners in most cases did not leave their homes, but rather called for help. “At one smallholding, the owner left his house. The men shot at him and missed their target by only a few centimeters. ”

Crewe says several goods were stolen and certain items have already been recovered. “As the men fled, they dropped some of the goods.” Some of the homeowners and members of the Broederstroom Community Policing Forum later also began to help pursue the attackers.

“The attackers struck randomly and we could not determine their pattern of movement,” Crewe said.

Elandsfontein has been struggling with illegal land occupations for years. Hemmens the AfriForum’s safety coordinator says that as soon as land grabbing takes place in an area, crime also skyrockets. “I suspect the land grabs and the attacks are related.”

Llewellyn Hemmens said the community is severely traumatised and confused with the numerous attacks.

No one has yet been arrested in connection with the incidents.

SOURCE: Maroela Media

[Disclaimer: as a small publisher relying on volunteers – our reports are non-exhaustive of all the Crimes against Humanity in South Africa. We report as much as we can and advise readers to do their own diligence]


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