Another horrific crime in South Africa as a young farmer Brendin Horner (21) was ambushed and strangled then tied to a steel post with a rope around his neck. Brendin was stabbed in the face, tortured, and killed on a farm near Paul Roux in the Free State on Thursday 01 October 2020 where he was employed as the farm foreman. Brendin’s cap, with a knife placed on top, were the first clues the search team found Friday morning after searching for him throughout the night.

Lenize Taljaard who was Brendin’s girlfriend the past three years was waiting for him at home on the farm De Rots. She became worried when he did not return from visiting his father, Robbie who lives on a neighboring farm.

Video by political commentator COL (Ret) William M. (Chris) Wyatt, CEO at The Indaba Africa Group, and previously Director of African Studies at the United States Army War College

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Herkie Viljoen, a safety representative of Free State Agriculture (FSA), says the police were called to the scene on Friday morning. At sunrise, Brendin’s caps and a knife were found first, and his body was found about 100 meters from the farm gate, tied to a steel post.

“He had no enemies and it feels as if this murder is a message,” said Viljoen.

A shocked Gilly Scheepers, Brendin’s employer, said on Friday morning that Brendin was an outstanding young man, one of the best.

He celebrated a one-year anniversary since his employment on the day he was murdered.

“Some of the men who work with Brendin say the killers came to kill the youngest man working at Bloukruin”

Scheepers is a well-known and award-winning leader farmer in the Eastern Free State and owns the Bloukruin Estate farm.

Social media posts of shock, anger and grief began circulating this morning. One from a close friend reads:

Dear Bren, You were so harmless and enchanted everyone with your words and a big smile. My heart is in a million pieces. I’m going to miss you. Your laughter, your silly stuff, your driving skills, your phone calls. I wish you could just call me one more time and say let’s go dancing.

I wish I could just dance with you one more time and laugh until sunrise. My heart aches. I know you’re dancing with all the angels right now.

The free state will never be the same again.

There was still so much we wanted to say to each other. You are always in my heart x

The Scene of the torture and murder of Brendin Horner. Source: Twitter

Security cameras in the area, shows Brendin driving home just before 20:00 on Thursday evening.

Brig. Police spokesperson Motantsi Makhele says Brendin had many injuries to his face and head and it appears he was tortured while tied to the steel post. His vehicle with bloodstains was found abandoned on the N5 in the Paul Roux area.

According to one news report Brendin fought back against the attackers as there were wounds on his fists. Source Maroela Media

Arrests made for the murder of Brendin

Two suspects were arrested on Saturday the 03 October 2020 in relation to the murder of Brandon Horner. The two were arrested by Senekal detectives at Fateng tse Ntho in Paul Roux. The two suspects aged 32 and 43 will appear in Senekal Magistrate court on Tuesday 6 October 2020 on the charge of murder.

Trial Postponed

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Brendin joins the thousands of victims of hate crime in South Africa

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