In a heartfelt and poetic speech the Chief of the Nama People, the pastoral subset of the Khoisan, spoke out against the continued slaughter of farmers in the blood-soaked land of South Africa. Joining the King of the Zulus he condemns the systematic genocide happening in South Africa

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Kaptein Gaob Paulus Swartbooi, a traditional leader and activist who has been fighting for the basic human rights of the Khoisan and Nama people, against the oppressive ANC regime and companies like the De Beers diamond company, today released a magnanimous and emotional appeal on video for the farm murders to stop.

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Kaptein Gaob Paulus Swartbooi, Chief of the Nama People SOURCE Facebook


Blood drenched land, with rugged mountains and barren landscape of the Nama Land.

And the wide Free State’s plains.

I speak of the heartache, pain and my disgust for the senseless crimes in this blood-soaked land.

I condemn the cruel murder of the young man Brendin Horner.

The incredible pain of mothers and fathers of all ethnicities burdens me.

Cutting deep into my flesh, bone and blood.

The smell of the wet soil in the Free State, the morning dew glittering on the leaves of the Sunflowers.

And the sound of sheep or cattle.

Brendin Horner murdered on Thursday 01 October 2020

But now it is silent on this beautiful farm in the Free State.

Entangled with the soil I acknowledge his contribution to feed our country.

A promising farmer. As was spoken “Go and take care of the earth”.

Dreams forever destroyed.

I condemn the government and all politicians that are silent about these murders.

May Brendin’s family and friends keep strong on this road.

It is a raw wound cutting through the land of South Africa.

His blood is silent proof and a shameful stain on those that hide these senseless deeds and these cruel criminals.

The Republic of South Africa is poorer when the future of the country is being murdered.

I salute this young man, sleep softly Brendon Horner – you made your mark.

May those that killed you never find peace and never sleep peacefully.

May this blood-soaked land and those seeking peace, stand up and take the land back.

Give the land back to those that love people. People of any colour or ethnicity.

May we live in harmony and peace.

So say I Swartbooi of Nama Land.

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It is suggested that the ancestors of the modern Khoisan expanded to Southern Africa around 150,000 years ago, possibly as early as 260,000 years ago.

By the beginning of the “megadrought”, 130,000 years ago, there were two ancestral population clusters in Africa, bearers of mt-DNA haplogroup L0 in Southern Africa, ancestral to the Khoi-San, and bearers of haplogroup L1-6 ancestral to everyone else in Africa.

Astonishingly even with such an impressive heritage, the dignity and human rights of minorities such as the Nama people are dismissed out of hand by the racist South African government – as if they never existed.

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