Justice for Brendin. Any civil society should be judged by how they treat the vulnerable, the defenceless and those that do not seek confrontation, violence, or war. But when your government, politicians, and the police leave you at the mercy of those who have been indoctrinated with hate and brainwashed by politicians to commit heinous acts of rape, torture, and murder, then the defenceless must act. And must exercise their basic human right to defend themselves.

Farmers and their families from across South Africa today went to support the parents of Brendin Horner who at the tender age of 21 was brutally murdered and hanged on a steel post like a trophy for the world to see.

Two terrorists arrested for the crime, Sekwetje Isaiah (32) and Mahlamba Sekola Piet Matlaletsa (44) appeared in court today at Senekal in the Free State.

Supporters of the family gathered peacefully in areas near the courthouse and hundreds went on their knees to support the family in prayer.

While trying to enter the court the farmers were denied entrance – but they would not be stopped.

For the first time in the contemporary history of post-1994 South Africa, the victims of a racist and oppressive regime are beginning to say “Enough”.

Shots fired!

These two shots may well go down in history as the start of civil resistance, and a conflict which will set South Africa on a new path.

Shots not fired by the farmers – but shots fired by the South Africa Police.

The police also threw stun grenades at the farmers – then cowardly raced away before any retaliation.

The corrupt ANC government seems slow to learn:

You can only rape, torture, and murder so many people before they begin to fight back.

[Disclaimer: as a small publisher relying on volunteers – our reports is non-exhaustive of the Crimes against Humanity in South Africa – we report as much as we can and advise readers to do their own diligence]


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