Africa has certainly seen its fair share of dictators in the past century. One proven strategy every potential dictator can rely on is daemonizing and dehumanizing one section of a population in order to quickly gain support from another. There is almost nothing an aspiring dictator can not blame on the villainized group. In South Africa, the people have been blessed with “Our Dear Leader and Commander in Chief” Julius Sello Malema. Now famous for branding any and all minorities as racists to build on his populism. “The majority of Indians hate Africans. The majority of Indians are racists” – he says.

We take a look at a documentary by Journeyman Pictures that investigates how minorities have suffered and paid the price in blood for each and every voter that now support the Dear Leader and Commander in Chief’s party – the Economic Freedom Fighters.

SOURCE: Journeyman Pictures

The documentary explores the complex question of land rights and expropriation in South Africa. With attacks on white farmers on the rise, many believe the aim is to terrorize them off the land.

“There was a lot of blood lying on the floor here and I immediately realized that something is wrong”, says white farmer Jo-An Engelbrecht, recalling the discovery of his parents’ bodies. “Their throats were slit. They were tortured here”.

However, some raise doubts about whether these murders and those of many more white farmers are not simply a product of a wider issue. “We have a real problem with violence and it’s expressed in various different ways”, says Gareth Newham of the Institute of Security Studies, “And then suddenly there’s international attention on the murders of white farmers. It just sort of seems completely disproportionate”. On the other hand, radical politicians are not afraid to offer force as a solution for reclaiming these lands.

“The white minority took our land by force”, declares Julius Malema, “You must say enough is enough. We are taking the future into our own hands”.

The South African Human Rights Commission and the National Broadcaster the SABC, have become political instruments that will vehemently defend the slightest infringement on the rights of the majority while allowing Julius Malema to incite race on race hatred with reckless impunity.

Any and all appeals for relief from persecution by minorities, simply end up in the dustbin of the failed democracy, called South Africa,

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