The relatives of eleven-year-old Duran Visagie said that they never imagined that he would become a statistic of gang violence.

The boy was caught in the crossfire in Kraaifontein earlier this month on 11 October 2020.

Eleven-year-old Duran Visagie
Eleven-year-old Duran Visagie Source: EWN

Two alleged gangsters appeared in court on Monday in connection with the shooting. Visagie’s family said that it was a day filled with mixed emotions.

The 11-year-old murder victim’s mother, Anthea Visagie, is in labour giving birth to another son, while the alleged killers of her deceased son appeared in court.

Duran’s uncle, Walter Volkwyn, said that they harboured no ill feelings, just immense pain.

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“People can say a lot of things… ‘listen here, maybe this is what God entails’ and sometimes you don’t want to hear that. You want answers and you want answers now.”

Duran’s last words were that his baby brother should come now so that they could play with marbles.

His baby brother is expected to arrive this afternoon.

The site where Duran Visagie was killed. Source EWN

The little boy’s uncle, Walter Volkwyn, took to the podium on the day of his funeral to deliver a moving poem in honour of his slain nephew.

“Mr President, what have I done that I couldn’t even walk the path in a time of democracy and do what I want to do? And even as other innocent young blood, I had to lose my life too.”

Two men accused of murdering the eleven-year-old boy are back at the Blue Downs Magistrates’ Court in Cape Town for their second appearance.

Source: EWN

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