Five guests attacked by terrorists at B&B near Addo, 70km outside of Port Elizabeth on Friday 16 October 2020. In the CCTV footage released one can see the guests drinking wine and having a relaxed evening by the fire.

Then a floodlight illuminate the garden as the attackers crawl toward the house. One of the guests then spot the attackers and alert the group.

Without hesitation, the men run towards the entrance, one with a glass in his hand.

He is instantly shot in the chest as he hauls the glass towards the attackers.

One can briefly see the muzzle flash of the gun as the attacker near the entrance fires without warning. A second shot grazes another guest. Several items were stolen, and a manhunt has now been launched for the five suspects.

Like most attacks, these terrorists came prepared, in numbers and with the intent to kill.

No questions asked and no verbal exchange. Shoot to kill, eliminate any resistance and then decide the fate of the survivors.

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For the South African tourism industry attacks like these have devastating consequences, so footage of attacks are rare and the government downplay such incidents by suppressing safety warnings to foreigners.

Police reports and statistics are skewed by classifying such attacks as mere robberies and mainstream media typically lead with headlines such as “robbery gone wrong”, as if the victims or circumstances are somehow at fault.

For South Africans living in terror every day – terrorism have become a part of live.

A kind of mass Stockholm syndrome where the hostages no longer hold the government accountable for safety and security.

Having abandoned any chance of a normal life and relying solely on lady luck and the roll of the dice for survival.

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A case of attempted murder (two counts) and a second charge of house robbery is under investigation.

Police are urging anyone with information that could lead to the arrest of the suspects to contact the Addo Detectives standby number (Serious Violent Crimes) at 082 319 9223. The information may also be shared anonymously via Crime Stop 08600 10111.

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