The story of a failing democracy made headlines across the globe this week as mainstream media and even the government could no longer hide South Africa’s dirty secret of rape, torture, and murder. Hidden in the horrific crime statistic of half a million murders in the past twenty-five years, is the story of “volksmoord”, systematic genocide, and thousands of victims of hate crime.

This story is unique as it has episodes that the world will never watch

There will never be an episode on the once prosperous and competitive economy destroyed by corruption and extortion.

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There will never be an episode on the tourists that came to enjoy Africa’s majestic scenery and wildlife, just to be sent home in body bags.

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There will never be an episode on the millions of South Africans now living abroad having given up their culture, faith traditions, language, and love for Africa just to survive.

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There will never be an episode for the sportsmen and women that will never represent their country because they were murdered.

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There will never be an episode on pilots that no longer take to the sky or brilliant boatbuilders that no longer sail the wind.

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There will never be an episode on the thousands of families torn apart, living on separate continents, forced to save themselves, by abandoning their families and communities and for whom the odd conversation on the Internet is now their only ties to each other and their country.

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There will never be an episode on the elderly left behind and for whom every night in South Africa is a lonely and terrifying ordeal, praying and hoping not to be suffocated with a plastic bag or drowned in a bath or worse being raped and tortured before being brutally murdered.

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There will never be an episode for the vulnerable and disabled brutally murdered because they were easy prey to savages.

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There will never be an episode on the brave that dared to speak out, living in fear with death threats and unable to stay in their country of birth.

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There will never be an episode on the thousands of asylum seekers, desperate to provide enough evidence to be allowed to stay in a country that is safe. A country with hope and a country that will look after them while benefiting from their productive skills.

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There will never be an episode on the children raped in front of their parents because they could not pay terrorists their ransom. Or an episode on the broken dreams and wasted talent of the youth that are not allowed to work or start a business because their skin is the wrong color.

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There will never be an episode on hundreds of innocent children killed in gang-related violence and caught in the crossfire between thugs.

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There will never be an episode on the thousands of survivors of hate crime, grieving widows, orphaned children.

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There will never be an episode on a society that has become dysfunctional, emotionally stressed to the limit, having to voluntarily lock themselves up in steel cages they call home. Surrounded by electric fencing, and protected by alarms, vicious dogs, and private security forces. Where a mundane trip to a shopping mall or lunch with friends can turn deadly at any moment.

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There will never be an episode on the thousands of animals shot, hacked to death, or burnt alive because terrorism is an acceptable crime in South Africa.

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There will never be an episode on the hundreds of farmers that now hold foreign soil in their hands and now are forced to cultivate and love a foreign land.

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There will never be episodes on the Liberty lost, Equality lost and Fraternity lost of this failing democracy – the once beautiful country called South Africa.

This is the story of ignorance.

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A story that the world watches in silence.

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A story of lies.

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A story of hidden agenda’s:

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And a story of deception.

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Watch an episode

Right after the events that transpired at Senekal on the 6 Oct 2020 Mainstream media were quick to spread false information. Creating false narratives.

SOURCE: Joe Emilio – Support his channel

In the 10 days that followed the events that transpired at Senekal on the 6 Oct 2020, tensions rise between South African Farmers and the EFF. While the main stream media continues its attempt to fuel racial tensions.

SOURCE: Joe Emilio – Support his channel

October 16 2020, EFF descends on the small town of Senekal. The EFF state that they are there to protect state property. The Farmers are there in support of the Horner family and to raise awareness of farm attacks and farm murders. Tensions are high. The world is watching. This is a defining moment in South African history.

SOURCE: Joe Emilio – Support his channel


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