Television and online personality Laura-Lynn Thompson a provincial leader of the Christian Heritage Party expressed concerns about the situation in South Africa in a recent interview with René Krüger a well-known activist against farm murders. Conservative Christians in Canada represent a small fraction of voters in Canada and the Christian Heritage Party has no seats in the House of Commons or the Senate.

The Parti de l’héritage chrétien du Canada as the party is known in French, is a minor party founded in 1987 and advocates for Canada to be governed according to Christian principles. The party’s stated principle is that “the purpose of civil government is to ensure security, freedom, and justice for all its citizens from conception till natural death, by upholding just laws”.

“What I see in Canada is a lack of courage; we need people with the courage to stand for what’s right; you had the courage to embrace a party that has the word ‘Christian’ in its name; imagine what kind of courage that takes today. But in Canada, most of us follow the love of our neighbors and peace.” Laura-Lynn said at her acceptance of the leadership position.

We take a look at farm murders with the co-host of the national daily show The 700 Club Canada.

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