On 25 October 2020 at around 10 PM, Andries Loots (63) and an unnamed security guard were patrolling on a farm between Welkom and Virginia in the Free State. While inspecting the pig pens the two men were attacked by terrorists and Andries was shot with an AK47.

Andries Loots’ daughter, Helena Steyn, and a colleague, Etienne Kruger, say they believe his murder was racially motivated.

Helena Steyn and Ettiene Kruger are both employed on the Number 2 Steenwyk farm, but farming activities will soon end because the attacks and murders have become unbearable.

“They steal seven pigs a night and attacks occur up to three times a week,” says Steyn.

“First they stole pigs and then they started stealing the pens constructed with corrugated iron sheets.”

Helena says her father who was employed as a general worker and the security guard apparently saw movement at some of the pig pens and while investigating a group of armed men attacked and overpowered them.

The attackers wrestled the security guard to the ground and assaulted Andries.

The security guard heard shots being fired and he was then forced to help load iron sheets and other property onto a LDV.

When the attackers left, the police were called and they discovered Andries Loots’ body.

He had been shot through his arm, lungs and heart and AK47 cartridges were found at the scene.

It is alleged the security guard’s life was spared because he was black.

Helena Steyn says they have been terrorised for a long time, but since the end of Covid lockdown, the situation got out of hand.

No arrests have been made.

Source: Network 24

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