Since 2017 South Africans have gathered in late October to pay tribute to those rural South Africans brutally tortured and murdered on farms. The show of respect and solidarity for a community under siege is habitually portrayed in fraudulent terms by the FAKE mainstream media which often claims the respectful, peaceful gatherings are “racially charged” or that “no” non-Whites participate.

This year, after inflammatory language from the EFF party leader Julius Malema, who has exhorted his followers to “kill the Boer, shoot, shoot to kill” and his close associate has encouraged followers to “call the fire brigade, burn them out, burn down the Boer” as well as told his party members to damage, loot and burn to the ground Clicks (a pharmacy chain in South Africa), over 247,000 acres of farmland was torched in acts of arson.

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The South African farming community has been under siege for over two decades and is intentionally neglected by the ruling ANC, leading to gruesome torture, disfigurement, and dismemberment of innocent South Africans.

The local and international media are complicit and ignore the threat with callous disregard for life, presumably only because most victims are “White.”

We take a look at the day’s event with Colonel Chris Wyatt an American political commentator and expert on African affairs.

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COL (Ret) William M. (Chris) Wyatt is the CEO at The Indaba Africa Group, and previously Director of African Studies at the United States Army War College.

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“Farmers are living in fear in our country,” said Ivan Meyer, Western Cape MEC for Agriculture. Speaking to the crowd, he said agriculture played a significant role in South Africa’s economy, and “an attack on a farmer or a farm worker is an attack on the economy of South Africa”. Meyer said President Cyril Ramaphosa should be concerned about farm attacks “because a farm murder in South Africa compromises food security and political stability on the African continent”.

“Our hearts are bleeding,” he said. “Mr President, stop farm attacks in South Africa right now!”

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