On 23 October 2020, Heilie [lastname not yet released] an elderly lady over 80 went to bed in the cottage her children had built for her on their smallholding in Nelsonia, Meyerton. Fragile and vulnerable because of her age, this Friday evening would turn into a night of terror as attackers took advantage of Heilie’s age and strangled her to death.

Heilie’s daughter discovered the gruesome scene on Saturday morning 24 October 2020. The police arrived on the smallholding at Raymond street after some difficulty to get hold of them. According to const. Tlaleng Moloi the victim was found on the floor of the cottage.

No further information is available at this time and no arrests have been made.

A preferred practice for quietly dispatching of the frail and elderly, we have reported on many such cases, with the only variance being the material used to asphyxiate the victim. In some cases, a plastic bag is used, in others duck tape or whatever material is available to keep the victim quiet and immobile while they suffer a gruesome death.

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Once comment on social media read:

In many countries all over the world, old people (very old) can live in remote places in their old house, keep some animals and cultivate a vegetable garden. And they are not killed for it. We just can no longer handle these barbaric killers.

Another comment by a relative read:

I loved Aunt Heilie so much. She and my mom were friends and I remember her keen sense of humor and her love for everyone.

Motorist attacked on the R59 near Meyerton

Meyerton is a hostile area like many other districts in South Africa and attacks on minorities are common place. Motorists are sometimes thrown with rocks or attacked in broad daylight and robbed.

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Man attacked and robbed while a crowd watch without intervening.


Heilie joins the thousands of victims of hate crime in South Africa

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