Within the black and white dichotomy of race relations lies a segment of the population in South Africa, forgotten, dismissed, and seldom recognized in political discourse. We previously reported on the plight of the Khoisan minority and take a look at one activist’s world view and why the story matters. In many regards, 2020 unveiled huge challenges for the road ahead and exposed just how polarised the country still is. White supremacy, black supremacy – the conversation on the wrongs of the past, restitution, and surviving racism on either side of the spectrum is far from over in South Africa.

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San Bushman is an outspoken activist and challenges commonly held world-views with an account of history alien to most. She comments on daring topics such as black supremacy vs white supremacy with her self-funded video productions, which often employ props to add shock value to the story when engaging her audience.

The kneejerk reaction to dismiss such different views of history is tempting, but on what basis? Because it’s different, foreign, too damning, or just because you have never followed in the footsteps of the Khoisan survivors as they navigate their “stolen land”, forever lost to black and white “settlers”.

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We contemplate San Bushman’s account of her culture and rich tradition perhaps already and forever lost, in a country that has little regard for the existential threat to minorities.

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