Snakes and Ladders, known originally as Moksha Patam, is an ancient Indian board game for two or more players regarded today as a worldwide classic. The life of a politician is a complex game of snakes and ladders, especially if you are a member of the Parliament of Canada. Support the wrong cause and your career is gulped down by the “media snake” while supporting the popular cause means a steady climb up the “ladder of power” and influence.

But what if the cause is on the other side of the world? Remote and not so immediate. Plausible deniability will keep our politician firmly on the ladder as long as the story is dealt with by the DISC.

The Distributed Information Suppression Complex (DISC) is a concept first formulated by Eric Weinstein that describes a mechanism and medium that guarantees that events and stories that negatively impact institutions, governments, and politicians – disappear.

These stories no matter how significant or horrendous never make the headlines and no-one is ever held accountable. The DISC is the perfect buffer and safety net for our Canadian politician.


Can the DISC hold and protect the Parliament of Canada or will they soon have to make some tough choices on the crimes against humanity in South Africa?

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In an episode on Youtube called Broken Mice, Eric and his brother Bret Weinstein a biologist and evolutionary theorist, discuss the genetic defects in laboratory mice and its impact on reliable drug testing in the pharmaceutical industry. “Broken mice” potentially affect millions of patients throughout the world that rely on drugs being safe.

Yet so far the DISC has ensured, the story never makes headlines or affects the careers of those in power at institutions.


Source: Rebel Wisdom

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