This weekend South Africa saw another senseless murder on a farm in the Free State. With the murder tally now well over half a million during ANC rule, yet another brutal killing seem insignificant. Until one learn the detail of the life that is no more. A hero has fallen. Colonel Dave Eric Wessels served in the Border War and completed several operations, even after losing his leg in 1975. A brave veteran that earned the highest honour for saving a fellow black soldier under fire. “The world must know” says his brother in arms Colonel (Ret) Chris Wyatt of the United States Army.

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COL (Ret) William M. (Chris) Wyatt is the CEO at The Indaba Africa Group, and previously Director of African Studies at the United States Army War College.

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During the attack on the disabled veteran, Colonel Wessels desperately tried to grab his crutches, as he had lost his leg on the front at Novo Redondo. He fought for his life but was ultimately overwhelmed by his assailants. He was savagely beaten and strangled to death as his small rural home was ransacked and his truck stolen.

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The community of Viljoenskroon came to pay their respects to the fallen hero Source: Facebook

Colonel Wessels was one of South Africa’s most decorated soldiers, having been awarded the Honoris Crux Gold while serving as a young officer in the 2nd Field Engineer Regiment of the SADF. The medal is considered equivalent to the British Victoria Cross or American Medal of Honor.

During the pitched combat of Operation Savannah in 1975, he had heroically rescued a wounded black FNLA soldier who had been stranded on the opposite side of Bridge 14. With extreme daring, he rushed across under intense enemy fire and extract the wounded allied fighter and recovered a South African truck that had been stuck in enemy territory.

A newspaper clip telling the story: Source: South African Military Veterans

Later in the afternoon, he returned across Bridge 14 to recover a stranded fuel truck in another act of incredible daring. He was badly wounded in the attempt and found himself drenched in fuel. Despite coming under intense enemy fire, he managed to crawl 170m back to friendly forces. Despite his injuries and a leg amputation, he continued to proudly serve in the South African Defence Force.

He was a man who deserved celebration in his native land. He gave his youth running into a hail of communist gunfire to saving a wounded black African comrade. Instead of a lifetime of praise, he was murdered in the most heinous way possible by cowards at his advanced age. The continued farm murders in Southern Africa are not conspiracy theories, they’re real.
Source: South African Military Veterans

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