A family was attacked in their house in Melkboom Street at Stilbaai in the Western Cape in the early hours of Tuesday 03 November 2020. Johan Ungerer was stabbed to death with a sharp object, presumably, a screwdriver and his wife was tied up and locked in a room.

Stilbaai, also known as the Bay of Sleeping Beauty, is a town along the southern coast of South Africa and the location of a number of archaeological sites, including ancient fish traps thought to have been built by early ancestors of the Khoisan people and a shell landfill that has been carbon dated to around 1000 BC.

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Stilbaai in the Western Cape. Source Google Maps

Police spokesman Malcolm Pojie said three unknown men, armed with a firearm and sharp objects including a knife and a screwdriver, gained access to the couple’s house in Melkboom Street through a window around 00:15 after they found the glass removed from the window.

Johan Ungerer (65) was stabbed in the neck with one of the sharp objects. His wife, Christina (61),’s hands were tied behind her back before she was locked in a bedroom in the house.

According to Pojie, the suspects demanded cash after which they fled with the money, two cellphones, a laptop and jewelery in Johan’s white Chevrolet. The car was later found abandoned near the N2 between Stilbaai and Riversdal.

Juanita Leask, the couple’s daughter, says it is a terrible shock for them.

“We are very sad. My father was our rock. He did not deserve it. My mom is okay. She was not harmed but was very shocked. ”

Her parents have been living in Stilbaai for the past four years, she says. Her father owns another filling station in Pretoria and also bought other property in Stilbaai and had construction work done there. She says her father was a respected businessman in the community who created jobs.

Her parent were sleeping in their room when the light in the room was suddenly turned on. “There were three attackers and two of them were immediately on my father while the other one started hitting my mother and holding a screwdriver against her head. My father fought. ” The attackers also had a knife and a firearm with them.

“The attackers apparently asked my father twice why he was fighting back before stabbing him in the neck.”

While the attacker looted the house and kept moving around with Christa, at one point she heard her husband’s death rattling in the bedroom. She later saw him lying on the floor and it is suspected he was trying to get out of bed.

The family have offered a reward of R10 000 for information that can lead to attackers arrest. Juanita Leask says they hope her mother’s unique wedding ring that was stolen after the murder will be able to help catch the culprits.

“If that ring is sold at a pawn shop or comes out somewhere, it will be able to help locate the suspects.”

R10 000 Reward offered. Source: Maroela Media

Malcolm Pojie says the attackers are considered armed and dangerous.

Contact Seargent Schnetler 0798941593 or officer Grebe at 0824696752.

SOURCE: Maroela Media

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