On Friday morning 6 November, 2020 terrorists attacked the farm Zwartpan in Hennenman in the Free State. After a savage battle in which the kitchen was destroyed Pieter Hills (56) was shot execution-style and his son Eddie Hills (23) shot in the neck. The Hills family have lived on this Free State farm for over 147 years.

Antionette Hills and her daughter Carmen were not at the farm at the time of the attack. Antoinette became concerned when she could not reach her husband or son. She then contacted Anna Bochedi one of their farmworkers to go and investigate.

At 5 am Anna and another worker Maria Khumalo, went to the farmhouse and found their employer brutally murdered.

Anna Bochedi and Maria Khumalo in shock after their employer was murdered. Source: Network 24

Bochedi says Khumalo screamed: “Boeta is dead”, before she fainted. 

However, Eddie was still alive.

According to Bochedi, the kitchen was “destroyed” as Eddie and his attackers fought.

Police spokesman Stephen Thakeng confirmed Hills had been shot in the head. According to Thakeng, the attackers looted two or three firearms from the safe.

Pieter was pronounced dead at the scene after being shot execution-style. Eddie passed away on Monday Evening 9 November.

Pieter Hills and his son Eddie Hills fighting fires in the Free State.
Pieter Hills and his son Eddie Hills fighting fires in the Free State. Source Network 24

“The brutality of this attack once again indicates that farm attacks are not an ordinary crime. Political leaders who regularly demonize farmers must be held responsible for the hatred they incite against the agricultural community, ” said Jan van Niekerk, leader of the FF Plus in the Free State, in response to the farm murder.

It was initially reported that Eddie Hills was stabbed in the back with a sharp object, but it now appears that he was shot in the neck. He was initially admitted to a hospital in Welkom in a critical condition but was since transferred by air ambulance to Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg where he died a week later.

SOURCE: Network 24

Eddie Hills (23) and his girlfriend Marizanè du Plessis. Source: Facebook

Marizanè du Plessis appealed on socialmedia:

I don’t usually post, but today is extremely important. My boyfriend in the photo, is a farmer from Hennenman who is currently fighting for his life after a farm attack.

All I ask from the depths of my heart, please pray and pray as much as possible for his safety.

I, my family as well as his will appreciate it immensely.

One social media another comment read:

Our hearts hurt this morning. Another farm murder and our best friend Pieter Hills. Shot dead and his son badly injured. Antoinette, I share my pain with you and the family

Rugby players kneeling at Eddie Hills’ grave on 20 November 2020. Source Facebook

Arrests Made

Four suspects were arrested at the Phomolong township on Friday 6 November. On Saturday morning one of the suspects (47) were found dead in an apparent suicide in which he hanged himself while in police custody. The other three suspects are due to appear in court at Hennenman on Monday.

The scene on the farm after neighbours and security forces arrived. Source Network 24

On the same day, mainstream media in South Africa re-affirmed their complicity in hate crime by ensuring that the killings of minority groups will continue unabated. Perhaps even escalate by broadcasting the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) communist propaganda and false narrative that all farmworkers are slaves and farmers are slave owners. This in a country where over a hundred laws protect employees and any labour dispute can be referred to the Labour Commission. Visit CCMA.

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The compromised South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) remain deadly silent – the right to live if you are a minority is no concern of theirs.

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