On Friday evening 6 November 2020 Jordan Moore (16), was sitting with his cousin and a friend in a park in Atlantis north of the Cape Town when two men approached and threatened them with a firearm to go and buy them beer. Two of the youngsters manage to escape and went looking for help. But by the time they returned with help the student of Robinvale Highschool had been murdered.

It was not really possible to count the number of knife wounds in Jordan’s body, says John Hulbert, his grandfather.

John says his grandson had several knife wounds to his body, including in his neck and chest. Some of his teeth were knocked out and his chain was ripped from his neck. “His ear was half broken, I think it must have been a rock they used to hit him.”

Allegedly Jordan was also bitten by dogs. His grandfather says he cannot confirm this and the family is still waiting for the autopsy report, but there were definitely knife wounds.

“He was not a rebellious young boy, he was very obedient to his mother Letitia and father Renaldo Moore.” John said.

“He never said no to anything when you asked him and he was always there to help. He always reached out to others, ” says his aunt Eleanor March.

“I am outraged at the fact that we allow criminal elements to hold us hostage and our children cannot move freely where they want,” said Allister Lightburn, a local councillor.

He says the community is furious and plunged into mourning.

“This is what makes it so sad – that an innocent boy has been robbed of his life.

Police spokesperson Col. Andrè Traut, says the circumstances surrounding the death of a 16-year-old boy are being investigated after his body was found on Friday around 22:30 in Rietsanger Avenue in Robinvale, Atlantis. He had bite wounds to his body.

Seven suspects have been arrested in connection with the brutal murder.

SOURCE: Network 24

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