On 11 November 2020, at around 19:40 PM terrorists attacked the farm Thelma at Odendaalsrus just outside Welkom in the Free State. During the attack Mark Regal (50) was killed, making this the second farm murder in the area and the seventh in the province in just over a month.

Odendaalsrus is the oldest gold mining town in the goldfields district of the Free State province.

A friend that knew Mark from their military training days, posted a video message to the family. Asking for prayers for the family. Source: Facebook

Police spokesperson Thandi Mbambo says they responded to a farm attack at Thelma farm outside Odendaalsrus on Wednesday night where a farmer and a suspect were declared dead on the scene.

Mbambo says two men arrived at the farm while the farmer’s wife was sitting outside.

Angela Regal allegedly shot one of the men and as her husband came out of the house, he was shot by the other suspect who then fled.

According to one report from an informant it appears that Joe’s employees gave information to a criminal gang to make the attack possible.

A local farmer, Jan Bezuidenhout JR, says he and other community members and police members have been relentlessly searching for the attackers since the murder of Mark.

According to Jan the attacker who was shot dead by Angela is a Nigerian citizen, Obi Okaye (55).

The attacker who allegedly shot Mark was also shot and bled quite a lot. There were a total of four attackers, says Jan.

“They escaped walking in a big circle through the field and then moved back to the main road where they were picked up by a vehicle outside Odendaalsrus,” he says.

Both the suspect and the farmer, identified as Mark Regal, died at the scene.

The attack on the Regal family known in hunting circles for their hospitality shocked the Free State community.

Mark Regal was the son of Joe Regal a well-known taxidermist and businessman in Odendaalrus.

Mark Regal’s father is a well known Taxidermist. Source: Facebook

Reports on social media claimed that Mark’s father and brother Ben Regal were away on a coastal holiday at the time of the attack.

Rudie van Vuuren, safety coordinator of Odendaalsrus, confirmed the incident. According to Van Vuuren, Regal was shot dead during the incident.

Farmers in the area were asked to go to the game farm so they could help search for the other suspect.

Farmers at the scene surrounded the game farm in order to find the other suspects.

Police and security teams on the scene. Source: Facebook

Free State MEC of Agriculture, William Bulwane, has condemned the spate of killings of farmers in the province.

No more information is available at this time and all information is subject to change.

SOURCE: Facebook

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