To build on their populism politicians in Africa follow a proven playbook that guarantee their rise to power. Villainize some enemy – real or imaginary, foreign or domestic. Promise your followers the abundance and wealth that only socialism or marxism can offer. Capitalise on your good fortune before the people run out of money. Repeat.

We take a look at some political commentators that discuss the difference between the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and that of the National Socialist German Workers Party that gave rise to the ideology of Nazism. The Nazi Party cultivated racist theories aimed to unite their comrades, while excluding those deemed to be either political dissidents, physically or intellectually inferior, or of a foreign race.

The Nazi Party under the leadership of Adolf Hitler implemented an industrial system of genocide to achieve the murder of around 6 million Jews and millions of other targeted victims, in what has become known as the Holocaust.

This recipe of disenfranchising political opponents has been copied with considerable success by African politicians to eliminate and in some cases exterminate the opposition.

Is comrade Julius Malema simply following the Nazi playbook?

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Following a Tweet by the Democratic Alliance (DA) which read “The Nazis had the brown shirts that went around terrorizing minorities, South Africa has the red shirts #BrackenfellHigh,” another political commentator David Scott, popularly known as The Kiffness, released a video that also compares the Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema with Adolf Hitler.

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Dr. Gregory H. Stanton, a peer-reviewed academic on the subject of genocide, identified Julius Malema’s political strategy several years ago and cautioned on the forced displacement and persecution of minorities that would inevitably follow.

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