On Monday 16 November 2020 at around 1 PM, Hannetjie Kruger (80) was attacked and clubbed to death in the laundry of her home in 5 Gemsbok Avenue, Upington in the Northern Cape. Marike Nel, her daughter, came across her body when she went looking for her mother. Her husband, Hendrik, was not at home at the time of the incident.

“My grandmother was a nurse for many years and did nothing for herself. Everything she did was for other people. She would have given food or money to anyone if they had asked” said her grandson Cobus Kruger.

“Her murder is totally unnecessary and I hope and pray the justice system will not let us down.”

The Kruger couple normally live on their farm but came to help their children, because they had to take one of their grandchildren for medical treatment in Bloemfontein. The couple came to house sit in town and look after the remaining children. It was when Hannetjie did not arrive at the children’s school that Marike became concerned and went looking for her mother.

Residents and family are still in shock from the horrific attack.

One comment on social media read:

Lord have mercy on your people. May this precious granny RIP. My sincere condolences to the family. This is absolutely heartbreaking.

Gemsbok Street Upington
The Kruger home in Gemsbok Street Upington. Source Google Maps

Police spokeswoman Captain Sergio Kock said Kruger had wounds to her face and neck.

The area is being targeted as within a few hours after the murder of Hannetjie Kruger, her neighbour, Ansie Duvenhage (56), who lives in a security complex, also had a burglary in which mobile phones and cash was stolen.

“The investigation is at a sensitive stage and detectives are working tirelessly to catch the offenders. They will do everything in their power.” said the police.

No arrests have been made and information is subject to change.

SOURCE: Network 24

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