Lauren Dryden (31) was waiting for an Uber to take her home after she had finished her night shift when she was robbed and shot in Epping 2, Elsies River in the Western Cape. Police spokesperson Captain FC Van Wyk said the incident happened on Friday morning 20 November 2020 at about 6 AM, on Kinghall Avenue in the suburb of Cape Town.

Bonteheuwel ward councillor for the Democratic Alliance, Angus McKenzie identified the woman as Lauren Dryden – a mother of two.

“A man approached her and demanded her cellphone. Once the phone was taken, a firearm was drawn and Lauren was shot,” McKenzie said in a statement.

“My deepest sympathy is extended to her fiancé Ashley, her children and family,” he said.

Ward councillor for the DA Angus McKenzie. Source Facebook

“I have spoken to Ashley this morning and will be supporting the family through this difficult time,” added McKenzie.

Angus McKenzie later posted on social media:

One of the saddest things about the Lauren Dryden murder in Epping this morning outside her work is that yesterday I met her.

She came and registered for the City of Cape Town and German Funding Corporation Covid Relief fund for her 2 little children.

This morning that funding was approved. Sadly she won’t be able to spend that money on her children.

I will however ensure that the funding relief makes it’s way to her children.

It’s evident to me that criminals roam our streets with impunity, with little or no regard for life or others. This is indicative of where we find ourselves as a country where rampant corruption and disregard for people, specifically poor people. Our criminal justice system is broken and that is why criminals act freely! When lives are lost with such impunity we must accept that our country has become a failed state.

How much more must go uncaught? How much more can just walk freely murdering people as they wish? We sadly have no South African Police Services we have been reduced to a state of lawlessness, thievery and corruption and maladministration!

Enough is Enough!

Ward Councillor
Angus McKenzie

According to Angus an arrest was made on Friday afternoon and a case of murder was opened for investigation.

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