At around 1:15 AM on Tuesday 24 November 2020, a smallholding at Mooiplaats East of Pretoria was attacked by three men. Anton Kleyn (61) and Aubrey du Plessis (45) were both shot. Sadly Anton died on the scene.

“I have broad shoulders, I will probably get through this,” said Louis Kleyn (66) after his younger brother was shot.

Aubrey, who was sleeping on the couch, was shot first. He then shouted to warn Anton, who was in the bedroom at the time.

Anton came out of the room with a Chinese sword (which hung on the wall for decoration) as a weapon. He told Aubrey to go hide, Louis says.

Just then Anton was also shot. He was hit in the chest and presumably died even before he hit the ground.

Aubrey then went to hide in the bathroom, and later managed to slip away and contact Louis for help. The two houses are quite far apart.

Louis and his sons, Luan and Ryno, immediately raced to go help.

He pauses for a moment before recounting the moment he came across his brother “on the floor”.

“I should have gone by myself; I’m the older brother, ” he says.

Ryno Kleyn took the bloodied Aubrey du Plessis to hospital after he was shot.

“He had already lost quite a lot of blood by then. On the way to the hospital, he was bleeding a lot, you should have seen what it looked like in the car, ” said Ryno.

Anton’s death is a big shock to his family. In the 40 years living on the farm, there has never been anything like it, only occasional burglary or theft”. said Louis.

He comforts himself with the knowledge that his brother lived a happy life at the Pienaars River, which runs past the farm.

Anton, who worked as a contractor, retired two years ago and came to live with his brother on the farm. He was without a wife or children.

“He loved it by the river; he enjoyed it so much there, ” says Louis.

His family is now seriously considering selling and moving elsewhere.

The gunshots which killed Anton Kleyn. Source: Stop Crime

Police confirmed that they were deployed to the scene in Mooiplaats at around 2 AM and provincial police spokesman Captain Kay Makhubela said police were investigating a murder and attempted murder.

Makhubela said on the arrival, police identified a cottage where the two men were shot earlier.

“One victim was certified dead on the scene by paramedics and the other man had been shot and injured and taken to hospital.”

It is believed the two were shot at in their sleep soon after midnight on Tuesday.

“The preliminary investigation revealed that they might have been shot through the window. The motive for the murder is unknown, but a neighbour’s observation is that one old model television and both victims’ phones were missing,” Makhubela said.

Farmers’ union Tau-SA safety committee chair Mort Mortazahn said according to their records, 337 farm attacks and 54 farm murders were reported from January until October.

Mortazahn said it was alarming compared to the farm attacks recorded at 419 in 2019 and 56 murders that year.

The attacks and murders for November and the festive season would be added to the total later.

“Farm attacks and farm murders have increased drastically,” said Mortazahn, adding that farm attacks and murders also have a negative impact on job creation, in the farming community.

“From 1990 until October this year, 5 687 attacks and 2 111 murders were reported,” he said.

Juan du Plessis, spokesman for GAC Risk Solutions, said there was a crime spike in smallholding areas in the north of Pretoria.

“More than 100 crime-related incidents were reported in the area for November,” he said.

Source: The Citizen


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