A casual and exploratory discussion with Mansell Upham on politics, decolonisation, the future of the Cape and South Africa. Upham is a researcher, writer, historian and jurist specializing in South African colonial history. Born 1960 in Welkom, Free State, he grew up on the East Rand, Cahora Bassa (Mozambique), the West Rand and the Western Cape. He read French and English at the University of Stellenbosch (1977-1980). Thereafter he graduated with an LL.B (Stellenbosch 1984). Admitted as an advocate (1988), he represented South Africa as a diplomat in Tokyo, Japan (1991-1994).

A champion of indigenous rights and Khoisan renaissance, he spearheaded the campaign to repatriate the unburied Saartje Baartman (1995) becoming a legal advisor and representative in South Africa and the UN (Geneva) for the Griqua National Conference of SA and other Khoisan representative groups (1995-2000).

He also farmed at Helderstroom in the Bosjesveld at Villiersdorp and lectured (2002-2005) in Seoul, Korea (University of Kangnam).

His writing on many topics can be found on his personal blog – mansellupham.wordpress.com

Interview by Robert Duigan aka Marhobane. Robert is a reactionary philosopher who has written extensively on South African politics. Follow him on Twitter: uMarhobane

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