In a country where nearly 60 people are murdered every day, the judicial system is under severe pressure to improve on its extremely poor conviction rate. Only the most horrendous homicides will make headline news, save for when the perpetrator happens to be white and the victim black. South Africa media and politicians reserve an energetic appetite for this kind of crime and jump at the opportunity to advance their identity politics. Irrespective of the ordinary circumstance, and perhaps because of its infrequency, the crime immediately finds a special place in the national spotlight as racist motives are fabricated and espoused. Without exception, any white on black crime must have been a racist act, has become the national narrative in South Africa. We take a look at one particular murder case that was kept in the headlines for years and what happens when politicians undermine justice in favour of populism.

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Coligny Murder – The Aftermath And The Lessons We Can Learn From This Travesty

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