“Morality is a job for priests,” said Lord Tim Bell, who was knighted by Her Majesty The Queen for his work as Margaret Thatcher’s favourite spin-doctor and confidante, before his death in August 2019. Tim Bell was the co-founder of Bell Pottinger Private (legally BPP Communications Ltd) a public relations and reputation management company, headquartered in London before it went into bankruptcy as a consequence of the Gupta scandal in South Africa. It is now famous for its campaign to get white South Africans killed.

Bell Pottinger was hired by Ajay, Tony and Atul Gupta to keep the focus diverted from their multi-million dollar company Oakbay Investments and their corrupt dealings with President Jacob Zuma.

By bullying officials and bending regulations to their will, the Guptas secured contracts worth million in fields as diverse as armaments, mining and railways and in their heyday could offer dubious politicians top ministerial jobs.

To satisfy their client’s requirements Bell Pottinger came up with a deadly scheme that would turn white South Africans into villains under the banner of helping “poor blacks” and securing their “economic freedom”.

A political stun grenade — that would draw attention away from Jacob Zuma and the Guptas and focus the attention onto their many enemies – real or imagined.

Hired in January 2016, Bell Pottinger within a year had managed to increase racial tensions selling their “white people are evil” narrative through furtive campaigns built on Twitter, Facebook and hate-filled websites.

Hundreds of fake social media accounts were used as the vector of attack And left-wing activists quickly bought into the idea.

Twitter and Facebook activity

The multi-million dollar campaign involved some 220,431 tweets and the “white people are evil” narrative was a perfect fit for mainstream media and ambitious politicians like Julius Malema and the Economic Freedom Fighters that were struggling to galvanise support with ideas of their own.

The toxic narrative and lieS were simple, whites in South Africa stole the land and deprived blacks of education and jobs.

The message was popularized with incendiary phrases, “white monopoly capital”, “white supremacy”, or “white racists” and while Julius Malema and the EFF latched onto and espoused this fabrication, the political distraction conveniently allowed the Jacob Zuma and Gupta regime to ransack South Africa and its institutions undisturbed.

With the EFF and social media activists as their willing puppets, racial tensions quickly rose under the Bell Pottinger campaign to levels that had not been felt since apartheid.

“White monopoly capital,” a phrase that for years had been confined to left-wing academic circles, was suddenly everywhere and became Julius Malema and the EFF’s racist populism.

Another part of this ecosystem were mainstream media outlets owned by the Guptas, like ANN7, a 24-hour news channel, and The New Age, a daily newspaper.

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As the campaign spread, leaders at groups like the A.N.C. Youth League gave inflammatory speeches, decrying the “stranglehold” that rich whites had on the economy. Leaked emails would later show that the groups received media training and in some cases funds, from Oakbay.

New and radical groups like Black First Land First sprang up, holding public rallies to fulminate against whites. At one, in May 2016, a pastor named Xola Skosana told the crowd:

“We have been wounded beyond measure. Let us find the pillars and bring the house down. Black people must be avenged.”

With so many blacks in South Africa mired in poverty because of the ANC government’s corruption, the notorious campaign of blaming and dehumanising white people quickly became the national narrative.

Forever sustained by activists on social media that mean well, but without realising that their ideas of equality or socials justice are simply perpetuating an evil scheme dreamt up by a British Lord and his wealthy clients.

The Guptas and Jacob Zuma devasted the economy and their reputation management company Bell Pottinger’s scheme perpetuated by social media activists keeps on delivering dead white people long after they themselves have become irrelevant.

White Cross Monument: a successful campaign to get white South Africans killed

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As the bodies pile up, the ANC government and the South African Human Rights Council watches with tacit approval, while mainstream media and reputable corporations in South Africa take the bait and fall victim to the unoriginal “whites must be punished” extortion and hatred perpetrated by the Economic Freedom Fighters.

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With Tim Bell now deceased and the Bell Pottinger company bankrupt, will there ever be justice for the thousands of families already raped, tortured and murdered, or for the many victims yet to come?

One British activist and representative of the United Independent Movement (UIM) in the U.K, Kevin Fynn believe firm action and intervention by politicians and even the monarch is desperately required to help stop the continued slaughtering of white people in South Africa.

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Several big-name global firms beyond Bell Pottinger have been linked to the South African state capture scandal. 

KPMG apologised for working with a company linked to the Guptas and Bain said in 2018 that their work “fell short of operating principles”.

Consultancy firm McKinsey also agreed to repay the money they earned on contracts. 

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