On Monday 14 December 2020 Arthur Bisset was working on his farm Korhaanfontein, near Smithfield in the Free State. At around 11:30 AM the farmer went home and discovered his beloved wife Poenkie Bisset (73) lying next to her car. She had been stabbed in the neck and left for dead as she was about the leave for town.

According to police spokesperson Brig. Motantsi Makhele, Poenkie told Arthur earlier in the days that she was going to do the laundry first and then wanted to go to town.

Makhele says she was lying on her stomach and still had her house and car keys in her hand. The house was still locked, but a small amount of cash that Poenkie had with her is missing.

She was stabbed two or three times in the neck with a sharp object.

The Bisset Farm in the Free State.
The Bisset Farm Korhaanfontein in the Free State. Source Facebook

According to an informant who was at the scene, it appears that Poenkie knew her attackers.

There is no sign of a fight and she was probably caught unawares by someone whom she trusted before she was attacked. A lot of forensic evidence was found at the scene.

Two suspects 38 and 44 of age, and a former farmworker from Bisset, were arrested on Monday afternoon in connection with the murder.

Brig. Police spokesperson Motantsi Makhele confirmed the former farm warden was arrested at his home in Greenfields in Smithfield. He was in possession of items that possibly belonged to Poenkie.

“Earrings, a wedding ring and cash were found in the suspect’s possession,” Makhele said.

This is the second farm attack within days following the murder of Eighty Five year-old Bill Theron on Saturday.

The Bisset couple has two daughters, Lieschen Walker and Charlene Bisset.

Information subject to change.

Source: Netwerk 24

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