On Monday 21 December 2020 at around 1 PM, terrorists attacked the Niewoudt family on their farm near Rust de Winter, Hammanskraal, Gauteng. Andries Niewoudt fought bravely and gave his life to protect his wife from the callous men that came to murder them in broad daylight. Their son posted on social media that Christmas will never be the same for the children without their dear grandfather dressed as Santa.

Shocked members of the family shared their grief on social media and one friend posted a tribute:

As far as a man can see
lies the Waterberg
As far as the thorn tree
standing proud in the Bushveld
As if to say “I am king”

As far as a man can see
runs the Apies River
and flows into the Pienaars
Where it finally pours its water
into the Klipvoordam
To nourish all of us

Under a Jacaranda tree with two dogs
a third in the corner of the picture
Is the man whose smiles lie deep
His right arm around one dog
his left holds another’s paw

This man was our river
This man was our mountain
This man was our thorn tree
This man was our lake of water
Now we mourn with his dogs

Rest in Peace, Uncle Andries

The elderly Niewoudt couple was only discovered two days after the attack when the police found their stolen vehicle abandoned at Temba. The Police contacted the local community forum to learn if they knew who the vehicle belonged to.

According to reports, a resident could identify the owners, and the Niewoudt’s was soon discovered, tied up, and left for dead in their home.

Mrs. Niewoudt had managed to break out of the bathroom where she was locked up. Her husband Andries was found severely assaulted and unconscious on the kitchen floor. The couple was rushed to Montana hospital but Andries sadly succumbed to his injuries three days after the attack.

Mrs. Niewoudt is still recovering in hospital from the ordeal of the brutal attack just days before Christmas.

From available details, the family is apparently very private and therefore did not have much contact with other people in the area.

According to Casper Liversage of the Hammanskraal Community Policing Forum (CPF), they did not belong to any of the security and safety groups in the area.

A firearm was apparently stolen by the attackers.

Tshwane district police in Hammanskraal have launched a manhunt for the four alleged attackers.

Police spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubela said no arrests had been made but police were on the hunt for the attackers.

Source: Maroela Media

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