South Africa before Dispensations – Folkways

An account of the history of South Africa that show how the ideas formed before and during the various dispensations, created the failed Rainbow Nation by Robert Duigan.

Content owned and produced by Robert Duigan

Robert Duigan, otherwise known as Marhobane, is a political commentator and writer.

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The WCSTG report to the following organisations:

Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe

Christian Solidarity International – USA

Defend the West

Fortify Rights

Jewish World Watch

Genocide Prevention USA

Human Rights Watch

Institute For The Study Of Genocide

The Organisation for Civil Liberties

The Combat Genocide Association

The International Human Rights Watch Forum

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[Disclaimer: as a small publisher relying on volunteers – our reports are non-exhaustive of the Crimes against Humanity in South Africa – we report as much as we can and advise readers to do their own diligence]