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Exposing main stream media’s silence and the South African government’s intent, knowledge, recklessness, negligence and complicity in systematic genocide.

Public relations company Bell Pottinger, headquartered in London is now famous for its campaign to get white South Africans killed.
We take a look at the Deputy President of South Africa David Dabede Mabuza and his rise to power using fake land claims.
A casual and exploratory discussion with Mansell Upham on decolonisation, the future of the Cape and South Africa.
The Coligny case illustrates what happens when media and politicians undermine justice in favour of populism.
A “gruesome” massacre of farmers in northeastern Nigeria killed at least 110 people, the United Nations has said.
What is the cost to society when racism is allowed to be redefined by bad actors without checks and balances?
South Africa can no longer be in doubt after threats to attack the police and their families the EFF must be declared a terrorist organisation
Not all countries were founded equal, many founding constitutions promise liberty and equality for its citizens, but few fulfil the promise.
As long as victims are part of a minority human rights violations is observed with folded arms by the South African Human Rights Commission
Within days of releasing their new video Kill Frenzy had their music removed by Youtube, citing violation of community guidelines.
The intricacies of critical theory and postmodernism drives a movement that thrives on victimhood and the destruction of critical thinking
Every culture has a founding myth. South African culture to the extent that such a thing exists is founded on the myth of “Eternal Apartheid”
Is comrade Julius Malema and the Economic Freedom Fighters simply following the Nazi playbook that got Adolf Hitler into power?
At an average of 20 000 murders per annum, more than 530 000 people have been murdered in South Africa during ANC rule.
The missionary report on Genocide in South Africa by Dr. Peter Hammond who has witnessed and survived some of the worst war zones in the world
The world must know about crimes against humanity says brother in arms and veteran Colonel (Ret) Chris Wyatt of the Unites States Army.
Silence on crimes against humanity in South Africa. Parliament of Canada faces tough choice: plead ignorance or stand complicit.
Is systemic racism being used by the media and politicians to distract South Africans from the genuine causes of our societal challenges?
Black Monday - South Africans gather to pay tribute to those rural South Africans brutally tortured and murdered on farms.
Laura-Lynn Thompson provincial leader of the Christian Heritage Party in Canada is concerned about the farm murder situation in South Africa.