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Exposing main stream media’s silence and the South African government’s intent, knowledge, recklessness, negligence and complicity in systematic genocide.

Five guests attacked by terrorists at B&B near Addo, 70km outside Port Elizabeth on Friday 16 October 2020.
The relatives of eleven-year-old Duran Visagie said that they never imagined that he would become a statistic of gang violence.
A well-known lawyer Gerrit Stander from a firm in Nelspruit died this morning after he was murdered on his smallholding in the Plaston area Mpumalanga.
Innovative Free State farmer David Leslie was attending a generator outside the house when his family was attacked and he was murdered.
Home attacked at the quiet waterfront of Marina da Gama Western Cape. Fran Carter was stabbed to death and her husband shot.
Julius Malema and his cadres spent the week inciting Civil War, first on social media, and today on a major television network in Africa.
On October 12th, President Cyril Ramaphosa released a letter blaming others for the ANC's failures in preventing the murder of Brendin Horner
South Africa's "Dear Leader and Commander in Chief" Julius Selo Malema claims that the majority of Indians are racists.
Leighton Agg who had been missing for a week, has been found stabbed to death and left under a bridge to die.
Watch the video: Professor Jordan Peterson on the discourse that precedes genocidal states like South Africa.