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Exposing main stream media’s silence and the South African government’s intent, knowledge, recklessness, negligence and complicity in systematic genocide.

Following the massive show in support of farmers last Saturday, bikers now seek meaningful ways to sustain their involvement in rural security
International Webinar on Farm Attacks And Food Security In South Africa. Speakers Dr. Theo de Jager, Ivan Meyer, Ian Cameron and Dianne Kohler Barnard.
On Saturday 29 August 2020, 15 000 bikers drove to the Union Buildings in South Africa - with one cause Bikers Against Farm Murders.
In this interview with The New American magazine's Alex Newman, South African Dr. Harry Booyens explains the many eerie parallels.
Nathaniel Julius went outside to play with his friends. Minutes later the disabled boy was murdered, shot in the chest by the police.
The president of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa and the ruling party the ANC, seem to be proud of the fact that Khoisan Lives Don't Matter.
Corruption and racism is proving costly for the ANC. We take a look at some of the frustrations experienced by minorities in South Africa.
Stabbed in the eyes, face, and neck, Estelle a survivor of hate crime, shouted at her attacker "I forgive you for what you have done to me!"
Australian government's ignorance exposed. Hate crime, systemic racism, and legalized discrimination is democratic and civil.
Crawling to a security door and locking it, prevented the attackers from getting to his family. Werner de Bruin saved Three Lives before dying.