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Exposing main stream media’s silence and the South African government’s intent, knowledge, recklessness, negligence and complicity in systematic genocide.

The Experian credit agency has been hacked. Nearly 24 million South Africans personal and credit information have been stolen.
Chinese business owner, Jackie Lu and his wife were brutally attacked at their factory, stabbed and left for dead in Newcastle, South Africa.
The legacy of Mugabe lives on haunting Zimbabwe in the form of Julius Malema, leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters in South Africa.
The act was passed in law by President Donald Trump on 14 January 2019 and aim to help prevent acts of genocide and other atrocity crimes.
Corruption, racism, xenophobia, human rights violations. What happened to the Rainbow Nation and why did multiculturalism fail?
In a world where even scientists are getting it wrong as shown during the outbreak of COVID 19, what else WENT WRONG while you were sleeping.
We take a look at what critics say about the idea of secession. Is Cape independence in South Africa a reality or a myth?
Thank God, some do speak out about the atrocities in South Africa, playing itself out in full view of the world.
This is our tribute to the bravest of the brave - the South African women that are falling victim to a country at war.
He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the ­present controls the past. Nelson Mandela's real legacy.