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Featured articles on the genocidal attacks and persecution of Christians. Exposing mainstream media and governments complete silence on the systematic genocide of our brothers and sisters.

This year the WCSTG Foundation focus on South Africa, in fighting the persecution of Christians in the modern era.

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A month before his sisters wedding, a young businessman from Bloemfontein, was murdered on camera, in front of the family business, they have had for over twenty years. On Friday August 23, at around...
A lady was peacefully asleep when she was stabbed in her left eye. Lynette Volschenk presumably died instantly and was then beheaded and her limbs severed.
Peter Henson a frail old man, was found murdered in his home in Sedgefield on the Garden Route. He was suffocated to death.
In a news conference held on June 4 2019, Nicky a respected business woman and victim of a brutal attack, tells the story, of how her family were hunted like animals.
The #IAmStaying movement has exploded on the scene. For others a more sensible meme is #IAmStayingOverseas. But what does it take to give up your country?