For The Record on Christian Persecution

For the record on Christian Persecution, contain editorial pieces on the suffering by our brothers and sisters. Exposing main stream media and government’s complete silence on systematic genocide.

This year the WCSTG Foundation focus on South Africa, in fighting the persecution of Christians in the modern era.

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Xenophobia is rampant in the failed democracy of South Africa
The land was stolen, is one of the popular myths, used by politicians to incite violence and persecution of Christians in South Africa. It is historical fact, that from the outset Europeans bought...
Xenophobia is described as a deep-rooted fear of foreigners, but is it fear that we observe in South Africa or just pure hate?
The white farmers are murdered on a continuous basis- and not a single week goes by without especially elderly white farmers being brutally attacked or murdered on their farms. These attacks are nothing but horrifying. The torture methods applied, the blood lust and slaughter left behind in some of this murder scenes – and the […]
Some pictures of the thousands of genocidal attacks on Christians in South Africa. Warning Graphic Content, may upset sensitive readers.
In a paper called the "The Ten Stages of Genocide", originally released as the Eight Stages of Genocide, presented to the US State Department in 1996, Dr. Gregory H. Stanton, a peer-reviewed academic on the subject of...
The White Cross Monument, a unique exhibit of Christian persecution and systematic genocide happening in South Africa, while the world watches in silence.
How many people must die each year, before it is classified a genocide? 100 per year? 1000 per year or 10 000 perhaps. A very subjective question, until one of the victim's is someone you know. Or...
Genocide database for victims of hate crime in South Africa. Dataset is exclusive to minority groups that are subject to high levels of existential threat.
While the gruesome torture and murders have now escalated to levels that average an attack per day on some unfortunate Christian family, the South African Government continue its hollow rhetoric of sympathy - without lifting a finger...