Genocidal Attacks

Documenting the daily genocidal attacks and persecution of Christians.
Documenting the daily genocidal attacks and persecution of Christians.

Exposing main stream media and governments complete silence on the systematic genocide of our brothers and sisters.

This year the WCSTG Foundation focus on South Africa, in fighting the persecution of Christians in the modern era.

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A 30-year-old K-Way athlete and owner of a pet grooming business was murdered at his home in Noordhoek, Cape Town, over the weekend.
The community of Warrenton in the Northern Cape, was plunged into mourning after a defenseless elderly lady and deaconess of the church, was raped and murdered in her home.
An elderly lady from the Netherlands, was one of the victims of the third double murder in South Africa in less than a month.
Rock Climber Murdered: David Wade, a well known and respected rock climber from Benoni, was shot dead this weekend, at Tranquilitas Adventure Farm on Saturday evening, 26 October 2019.
The Sophiatown double murder, is the second double homicide in South Africa, in less than two weeks. Illustrative of a now too common pattern, of brutal attacks on elderly and defenseless Christians.
This weekend, residents of an upmarket suburb, saw the undignified murder at Lydiana of an elderly gentleman, proud of his independence and self-reliance.
In the dead of night, while the residents were sleeping peacefully, evil and cruel attackers were lurking around, deciding on their plans for a double murder at Stella Londt.
A resident of the quiet Rietondale suburb in Pretoria, in a surprise attack fought back bravely, before finally being stabbed to death by his attackers.
Doctor Mirah Wilks, a world renowned specialist in hate crime and brilliant psychologist, was brutally stabbed and had her throat slit in Johannesburg.
An officer working for EPR Security was killed, a day before his 60th birthday, while assisting a customer who was being robbed at close of business.