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Hate Crime in South Africa

Documenting hate crime in South Africa. Exposing main stream media’s silence and the South African government’s intent, knowledge, recklessness, negligence and complicity in the systematic genocide of ethnic minorities.

An elderly women affectionately known as the Pancake Lady was burned to death and murdered in Bloemfontein for her pancake money.
Another Christian farmer paid the ultimate price for helping to feed his country. Henry Brown (70) and his family was attacked by terrorists with "pangas", a type of machete.
The body of an 83-year-old woman was found in her apartment at a church retirement home in Schweizer-Reneke, North West on Sunday morning. Jeanette van Wyk was strangled to death. "Jeanette's home was connected...
Jeandre Venter a police officer in the Crime Investigation Unit at Pietermaritzburg died in a hail of bullets arresting a suspect at Msinga
On Tuesday morning November 12, Johnnie Marx (79) a respected banker, was murdered at his retirement home in Jeffreys Bay.
Eighty-year-old black farmer was helping his son on their farm when attackers assaulted him, tied him to a tree and shot him without mercy
Another horrific crime in South Africa as a young farmer Brendin Horner was murdered then tied to a steel post with a rope around his neck.
Jessica Weyers throat slit and body dumped at the sports ground at Newtown Durban.
The community of Warrenton in the Northern Cape, was plunged into mourning after a defenseless elderly lady and deaconess of the church, was raped and murdered in her home.
The Durban Promenade was opened as a tourist attraction on Saturday 16, 2019. Within 48 hours, the promenade would see its first Double Murder.
Modimolle police made a major breakthrough after the murder suspect of Trudie Grebe, 73, was arrested after a week-long search. A man appeared in court for the gruesome murder of a Pet Lover. Police...
A month before his sisters wedding, a young businessman from Bloemfontein, was murdered on camera, in front of the family business, they have had for over twenty years. On Friday August 23, at around...
A farmer from Kameeldrift West, was repairing his electric fence, when he was attacked by three men. One of the attackers used a firearm to kill the farmer.
An officer working for EPR Security was killed, a day before his 60th birthday, while assisting a customer who was being robbed at close of business.
Nathaniel Julius went outside to play with his friends. Minutes later the disabled boy was murdered, shot in the chest by the police.
An elderly lady was murdered in Bethlehem and then her body was dumped at the Uthopia graveyard. Miemie Frost's body was found in a graveyard, in Bethlehem, a small town in the Free State,...
Joan Joyi nee Carolissen in her eighties was assaulted and strangled to death with a rope in her Charleston Hill house in Paarl Western Cape.
A well-known lawyer Gerrit Stander from a firm in Nelspruit died this morning after he was murdered on his smallholding in the Plaston area Mpumalanga.
A lady was peacefully asleep when she was stabbed in her left eye. Lynette Volschenk presumably died instantly and was then beheaded and her limbs severed.
Boschkop family tortured and killed, when four terrorists attacked their home on a smallholding 20 km East of Pretoria.