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My story, features content pieces from victims. Exposing main stream media’s silence and the South African government’s intent, knowledge, recklessness, negligence and complicity in systematic genocide.

A casual and exploratory discussion with Mansell Upham on decolonisation, the future of the Cape and South Africa.
In 30 years that they lived in their home in Cape Town, they had never been attacked. But on a fateful morning, fell victim to a hammer and knife attack.
International Webinar on Farm Attacks. Over 2000 farmers have left South Africa and migrated to the United States in 2020 so far.
Lunch with friends or going shopping turns deadly within seconds in South Africa. Watch armed robbers shoot a motorist in front of guests at a restaurant.
In his book and bestseller The Madness of Crowds, Douglas Murray sets out to explain why societies are now so characterised by conflict.
Hartswater Video - Hundreds of people gathered to raise their voices about the murder of Dan and Breggie Brand and their daughter Elzabie.
Braam Blignaut (35), attacked on his farm in the Buffelsfontein area, on Friday morning July 10, 2015 has sadly passed away on the morning of 5 october 2019.
The intricacies of critical theory and postmodernism drives a movement that thrives on victimhood and the destruction of critical thinking
Stabbed in the eyes, face, and neck, Estelle a survivor of hate crime, shouted at her attacker "I forgive you for what you have done to me!"
The Experian credit agency has been hacked. Nearly 24 million South Africans personal and credit information have been stolen.
The true horror of South Africa is the fallacies, dogmas, and ignorance of the keyboard warriors fortunate enough to not yet be one of the victims.
Every culture has a founding myth. South African culture to the extent that such a thing exists is founded on the myth of “Eternal Apartheid”
The #IAmStaying movement has exploded on the scene. For others a more sensible meme is #IAmStayingOverseas. But what does it take to give up your country?
Following the massive show in support of farmers last Saturday, bikers now seek meaningful ways to sustain their involvement in rural security
Watch as people gather at the White Cross Monument, to mourn the tragic loss of their loved ones. Slaughtered in South Africa.
The police offered the following warning to tourists

Warning to Tourists

During a recent incident, where an Israeli woman was gang-raped and her friends robbed, our source interviewed the spokesperson of the South African Police Services. The spokesperson, who identified herself as Captain...
In a news conference held on June 4 2019, Nicky a respected business woman and victim of a brutal attack, tells the story, of how her family were hunted like animals.
Arrests made for Isabel van Coller murder. Johannesburg police formed a task team and arrested several men drinking at a tavern in Alexandra.
Expropriation of land, increase in crime post Covid19 lockdown combined with irresponsible politicians. Is South Africa heading to civil war?
Corruption, racism, xenophobia, human rights violations. What happened to the Rainbow Nation and why did multiculturalism fail?