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Exposing main stream media’s silence and the South African government’s intent, knowledge, recklessness, negligence and complicity in systematic genocide.

We take a look at the Deputy President of South Africa David Dabede Mabuza and his rise to power using fake land claims.
The Coligny case illustrates what happens when media and politicians undermine justice in favour of populism.
Not all countries were founded equal, many founding constitutions promise liberty and equality for its citizens, but few fulfil the promise.
The intricacies of critical theory and postmodernism drives a movement that thrives on victimhood and the destruction of critical thinking
Every culture has a founding myth. South African culture to the extent that such a thing exists is founded on the myth of “Eternal Apartheid”
We take a look at how the New York Times distorts the genocide narrative covering the trial of Brendan Horner's murderers in Senekal.
Australian government's ignorance exposed. Hate crime, systemic racism, and legalized discrimination is democratic and civil.
We take a look at what critics say about the idea of secession. Is Cape independence in South Africa a reality or a myth?
He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the ­present controls the past. Nelson Mandela's real legacy.
Julius Malema is the founder of the EFF, a fascist political party that use intimidation, extortion and corruption to further its agenda.
Eifel Tower

Friendly Advice

You would be forgiven if you thought that racism and genocidal hatred, originate only from within South Africa. This friendly advice, to perpetrators of xenophobic attacks in South Africa's, came all the way from France. The land...
Ace Magashule Hate Speech

Ace Magashule

Ace Magashule is the Secretary-General of the ANC and listed on our Watch List for crimes against humanity in South Africa.
Exposing the main stream media and government lies that the land was stolen by Europeans.
Xenophobia is described as a deep-rooted fear of foreigners, but is it fear that we observe in South Africa or just pure hate?
The white farmers are murdered on a continuous basis- and not a single week goes by without especially elderly white farmers being brutally attacked or murdered on their farms. These attacks are nothing but horrifying. The torture methods applied, the blood lust and slaughter left behind in some of this murder scenes – and the […]
Systematic Genocide or Is this just another far-right conspiracy? Can we simply ignore the thousands of murders in South Africa?
Police investigators, who remain tight-lipped, allegedly no longer consider the killing of Stefan Smit to be a typical farm murder.