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Documenting the role of South African politicians in crimes against humanity and exposing main stream media and government’s complicity in systematic genocide.

Thank God, some do speak out about the atrocities in South Africa, playing itself out in full view of the world.
He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the ­present controls the past. Nelson Mandela's real legacy.
Political analyst Roman Cabanac, analyze the conditions, racial tension, and increased activism by minority groups in the Western Cape.
Christopher Hitchens shockingly accurate understanding of the dangers and pitfalls that would befall South Africa, if politicians got it wrong.
Attackers will be charged with hate crimes said MP Dianne Kohler-Barnard interviewed on Cape talk Radio.
The Marikana massacre continues in South Africa, with NUM confirming that one organiser was murdered and a female witness beheaded.
Lana Marks the new United States Ambassador to South Africa has just arrived in South Africa. Let's hope her office support Minority Christian Rights.
Julius Malema on Genocide Watch

Julius Malema

The Julius Malema Dossier
Ace Magashule Hate Speech

Ace Magashule

The Ace Magashule Dossier
President Donald Trump brought attention to the plight of minorities in South Africa with his tweet on land expropriation and farm murders.