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Documenting the role of South African politicians in crimes against humanity and exposing main stream media and government’s complicity in systematic genocide.

Laura-Lynn Thompson provincial leader of the Christian Heritage Party in Canada is concerned about the farm murder situation in South Africa.
Julius Malema and his cadres spent the week inciting Civil War, first on social media, and today on a major television network in Africa.
On October 12th, President Cyril Ramaphosa released a letter blaming others for the ANC's failures in preventing the murder of Brendin Horner
South Africa's "Dear Leader and Commander in Chief" Julius Selo Malema claims that the majority of Indians are racists.
The Chief of the Nama people, the pastoral subset of the Khoisan, spoke out against the continued slaughter of farmers in South Africa.
The powerful and influential King of the AmaZulu called for an immediate end to farm attacks, describing them as senseless.
Dear Clicks South Africa why are you negotiating with terrorists?
Corruption and racism is proving costly for the ANC. We take a look at some of the frustrations experienced by minorities in South Africa.
The legacy of Mugabe lives on haunting Zimbabwe in the form of Julius Malema, leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters in South Africa.
Thank God, some do speak out about the atrocities in South Africa, playing itself out in full view of the world.