Christians being Attacked

Live feed of Christians being attacked.

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12 000 'dead people' are doing business with South African government. It is also identified that about 14,000 state employees who are listed as directors of companies that have been awarded state contracts in violation of regulations

Report by National Treasury

This is absolutely ludicrous. The #cop is holding a #firearm in that drunken condition, yet #Cele would rather focus on disarming legal #SouthAfrican gun owners who often need to depend on themselves for safety. #SouthAfrica

Yusuf Abramjee@Abramjee

WATCH: Video 2/2 Pretoria West @SAPoliceService stopped this motorist. Look at the behavior of the officer....

[email protected]: Cele vasbeslote om wettige wapeneienaars eerder as kriminele te ontwapen

‘Ramaphoria’ has now completely reversed: economists via @businesstechSA

I VISITED THE TOWN OF BENONI earlier today to renew my business mailbox. It was so heartbreaking to see the dilapidation and general decay of the town that was a jewel in the 1980s. It’s sad what the ANC is doing to the towns and cities it governs across the country. Ta!


Plaasaanvallers gee voor hulle is polisie wat dagga soek

It has been 2 weeks since 2 women were shot dead. - one in front of her 11-year-old child - and 8 people injured in the #MelvilleShooting

The SAPS' failure to find and arrest the killer, who was reportedly seen by multiple witnesses, isn't just shameful.

It's terrifying.

Why is it impossible @TheCitizen_News , @News24 , @ewnupdates , @eNCA , @SundayTimesZA , @Newzroom405 for you to watch the Julius Malema speech and after he commits clear hate speech toward a minority group do you not find it newsworthy enough to write an article on it?

🙈🙊I have no words. Although funny, this is actually tragic and the perfect #video to show the shambles that @SAPoliceService is in. We have some world class #TuesdayThoughts #SouthAfrica

Victims left traumatised as SAPS fail to handle domestic violence cases tactfully via @IOL #SouthAfrica

Why do I tweet? Because the mainstream media is ignoring the financial collapse happening in SA. The same with mainstream economists. They all are under strict instructions not to criticize the ANC. Exceptions are Schussler,Lamberti,Roodt and Jammine. All independent.

#FarmAttack 7/1/2020: Waterpoort, Limpopo. Two suspects were arrested during a follow up operation after an employee at a farm was attacked and a vehicle was stolen. A third suspect was arrested on 9/1/2020. Suspects believed to be linked to various crimes in the area.

#FarmAttack 3/1/2020: Strydfontein, Gauteng. Couple was attacked on their smallholding. Male victim was shot twice, in his hand and chest. Female victim assaulted with a crowbar. Male victim taken to hospital. Phones and household items stolen.

#FarmAttack 31/12/2019: Potgietersrus, Limpopo. Worker was assaulted and tied up. House ransacked, safe broken open and shotgun stolen. No further detail available.

#FarmAttack 30/12/2019: Uitenhage, Eastern Cape. Four armed suspects attacked four victims and tied them up. Vehicle, firearm, cash, phones and pellet gun stolen during the attack. No injuries reported. No further details available.

#FarmAttack 30/12/2019: Groblersdal, Limpopo. Victim noticed he was being attacked when the power was being switched off and on. Stones were also thrown on the roof. He called for help and fired a warning shot, causing the attackers to flee. One suspect was arrested.

Last year at the UN President Cyril Ramaphosa denied farm attacks and farm murders. SA farmers of all races really appreciate @ThokoDidiza ‘s stance against this horrible phenomenon, but they serve in the same government. Don’t they talk to each other?

#FarmAttack 26/12/2019: Phalaborwa, Limpopo. Nine tourists were attacked on a smallholding near Phalaborwa. Various items stolen. One underage female victim was alledgedly raped.

#FarmAttack 24/12/2019: Kakamas, Northern Cape. Single suspect broke into a house on a smallholding and attacked 4 victims. Victim’s son was called to the house and was also attacked, but he retaliated and shot and killed the suspect.

#FarmAttack 25/12/2019: Harding, KwaZulu-Natal. Farmer was surprised in his home and attacked with a bush knife by a suspect demanding cash and firearms. Farmer managed to escape and drive to another farm to get help. He was taken to hospital.

#FarmAttack 15/12/2019: Buffelspoort, North West. Farm manager’s bakkie was painted with hateful slogans and set on fire. No injuries reported.

#FarmAttack 23/12/2019: Dewetsdorp, Free State. 6 armed suspects attacked an elderly couple on their farm. Various firearms stolen, no serious injuries reported.

#FarmAttacks 20-23/12/2019: Apiesrivier area, Gauteng. Four different smallholdings were attacked between 20 and 23 December, with two instances of attempted rape.

#FarmAttack 20/12/2019: Dalmada AH, Limpopo. Two drunk suspects attempted to attack victims on a smallholding, but the victim managed to fight them off. SAPS arrested both suspects.

#FarmAttack 10/12/2019: Champagne Valley, KwaZulu-Natal. Victims were attacked by four armed suspects. Suspects attempted to take female victim hostage, causing the male victim to counter-attack. He was stabbed several times with a broken bottle. Victims taken to hospital.

#FarmAttack 19/12/2019: Delmas, Mpumalanga. Three armed suspects attacked the victims and tied them up. One managed to escape and alert the neigbours, causing the attackers to flee. SAPS attended the scene. No serious injuries reported.

#FarmAttack 18/12/2019: Krugersdorp, Gauteng. Four armed suspects attacked a smallholding north of Krugersdorp. Vehicle, rifle, tv and phones stolen.

#FarmAttack 16/12/2019: Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng. Unknown number of suspects attacked workers on a smallholding. Victims were assaulted and taken to hospital by their employer. No further details available.

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