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When one considers the very serious nature of a slow war or systematic genocide one has to side with caution. What are the basic facts at our disposal?

Which minority group are we focusing on? The Khoisan which has been devastated over the past decades with no rights being recognized by the ANC regime? Are we talking about the “Boers” with their distinct culture or European, Asian, and Indian minorities?

Each minority has its own unique existential risk.

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So far we can state with confidence that over a million South Africans have left (involuntary emigration) the country under duress of rape, torture, and murder. Other factors may include human rights violations, racism, and economic discrimination. For some minority groups, like the “Boers” or Afrikaners, this already represents a form of cultural genocide as their descendants in their new countries will be Canadian, Australian, Russian, etc. They will have given up their language, perhaps religion, cultural traditions, and country of birth – just to survive.

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Over 2000 farmers have left South Africa and migrated to the United States in 2020 alone.

Twenty years ago there were 120 000 commercial farmers in South Africa, there are now only 38 000 farmers left. Of the murders one third are black victims, two-thirds are white victims. In the past ten years, there had been 2818 farm attacks, over 600 farmers were murdered. Many crippled, maimed, blinded and some raped. Making South Africa unique in the world, it is four times more dangerous to be a farmer than an ordinary citizen in South Africa and twice as dangerous as being a policeman.

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And then there is South Africa’s best kept dirty little secret. Every night as the sun sets people lock themselves up in voluntary prisons called home. Homes in security controlled suburbs or estates, protected by armed response services, CCTV cameras, security guards, alarm systems, 6 to 12 feet high perimeter walls, barbed wire or electric fencing, the strongest burglar bars and security gates a household can afford. The dogs are brought into the house in fear of being poisoned and guns and panic buttons are kept within reach. Only to emerge the next morning and pretend every ten minutes a woman was not being raped and Fifty Nine people did not just get murdered in the past 24 hours.

Over 600 000 security guards are employed to protect citizens and property if you can afford it.

For anyone that has traveled or that are from another country, it is obvious that the absurd has become the norm in South Africa.

We need your help

Given the baseline data on which side of moral action should we be?

Should we not work hard towards stopping these trends and refining the data for further analysis? Should we not try and prevent genocide? What if our estimates are wrong and which side of wrong is right?

Which is better – being wrong now or being wrong later?

If we are wrong now the numbers can be easily rectified, but if we are wrong later – it will be too late, the dead cannot be brought back.

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We do not know of a single case in history, where Genocide was identified and prevented in time and before it happened.

The history of Genocide teaches that humanitarian organisations, even churches and the so called experts, all react after the fact.

And only recognise these atrocities for what they are, once it is hopelessly too late for the victims.

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Ordinary families are enduring great suffering, targeted by hate crime and economic discrimination, encouraged by the political leaders with hostile ideologies, that lead to large scale hardship and involuntary displacement of innocent people.

Despite a mountain of evidence – main stream media simply do not care to report the truth or the facts.

With your support we can gather the facts, compile crucial statistics that will mitigate the loss of life and needless suffering.

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